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TIAA Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2022
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Round 1: Aptitude test and coding round (online – Proctored)

Test Pattern :
Part 1: Cognitive and Technical test (60 Ques – 60 Minutes) – No Negative Marking. It contained 4 sections 

  • English Usage – meaning of the word, the meaning of phrases, reordering sentences, spot errors in a sentence, questions based on paragraph
  • Analytical Reasoning – blood relation, direction-based question, mirror images, guess the next number in a pattern
  • Quantitative Aptitude – speed-distance-time, probability, simple and compound interest, ratio and proportion, profit and loss, Venn diagram
  • Technical round – java, c++, OOPs and data structures, DBMS queries, guess the output of code

Part 2: Coding test (2 Ques – 30 Minutes)

  • Question 1: Level: Easy. Given hours, minutes, and seconds, we have to return time in seconds 
  • Question 2: Level: Easy. Given 2 arrays and number K, we have to count numbers in array 1 smaller than K and numbers in array 2 greater than K. then return the maximum of these 2 numbers.

Submitting Part 1 is compulsory to attempt Part 2

Tip: Questions are of easy level, so you should solve them as fast as possible, time of submission is deciding factor.

Round 2: Technical Interview (online on zoom – 60 mins)

  • Introduction
  • Project discussion
  • Technologies used in projects were discussed, interviewer checked my depth of understanding of the technologies that I used.
  • Java-related OOPs concepts
  • I had to share the screen and code. the question was to print all pairs from the array which gives a sum equal to K.There are 2 approaches 2 pointer method and the of use the map. I explained both of them. Here’s a link to the problem
  • DBMS query: Print salaries of all employees who leave in Pune
  • Asked when we can use having and where and can we use them together
  • How to decide which database to use SQL or NoSQL
  • What reference material do you use when you are stuck on some problem
  • I asked questions related to work-life balance and growth I can achieve in the company.

The interviewer was very humble and helped me with hints when I got stuck.

Round 3: Managerial Round (online on zoom – 30 mins)

  • Introduction
  • What are your hobbies other than technical ones(you will get cross questions on hobbies you tell)
  • What kind of company do you want to work for ( here, he wanted me to tell him about my dream company)
  • Asked what I know about TIAA(I told him), then he told me about the company and work culture
  • Asked about certifications I did

The interviewer was very chill, the interview went like breeze. We got the result after 4 days. 8 students from our college were selected.

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