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TIAA Interview Experience for Trainee (On-Campus)

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Round 1: First Round was Aptitude Test with 2 Coding questions on the CoCubes platform.

Aptitude test consisted of Logical, Verbal, and Quantitative ability (20 questions each) i.e 60 questions with 60 minutes time and then 2 coding questions which were of Easy to Moderate level and time was 30 minutes. The languages allowed for the coding round were C/C++ and Java. Python was not allowed. 40 students were selected from this round.

Round 2: Second round was a Personal Interview that was conducted online on Zoom. This round was purely technical. First, I was asked about my Introduction and what do you know about TIAA.

  • Then we had a detailed discussion on Projects and Internships.
  • After that, I was told to share a screen and write three different codes,
  • the first was for the Fibonacci series,
  • the second was to swap two numbers without using a temporary variable
  • and the third was of sorting an array.
  • After that, I was given a problem statement and wanted to write SQL queries for the same.
  • Then, the interviewer asked about OOPS concepts, and DBMS concepts(Joins, Normalization, DDL, DML).

The second round lasted for 1 hour.

Round 3: Third round was also a Personal Interview(mix of Technical + HR).

  • This round also started with Introduction then Projects, Internships.
  • What did you learn from Internships?
  • How did it help you in your academics?
  • Then I was asked to explain OOPs concepts with real-time examples(no definition).
  • Then some DBMS questions, and OS questions(Linux commands).
  • And then was asked some HR questions.

This round lasted for 30-35 minutes.

After the third round, we got the result on the same day.5 students from our college were selected.

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Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2022
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