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TIAA Interview Experience 2023

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So TIAA GBS approached our college for Hackathon like they were having Hackathon on 4th May, and from each branch, they needed a team of 7, so from each branch team of 7 was formed, and there were 3 teams in total from our college. On 28th April they released problem statements for teams, there were 3 problem statements, and out of which we had to choose 2 problem statements. So once the problem statement was finalized we had to finalize the tech stack, so in their previous meetings, they were emphasizing a lot on C++, Java, and Python. So keeping in mind that, we chose Django for the backend, and for the front end, we used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. So we made an application(Partially) before 4th May, On the hackathon day they told us to implement some tweaks to the application that we made, so we had 4 hours to implement the tweaks that they suggested. Now we had to present our application to judges. There were 16 teams in total for the Hackathon across Mumbai Colleges, out of which 10 teams were supposed to be finalized. So we won the hackathon. The winning team members were given a chance for an internship interview.

So it was conducted in 3 phases

  1. Hackathon
  2. Technical Round
  3. Managerial Round

1 Hackathon

I have already discussed the it.

2.Technical Round(35 mins)

So this was my first interview and I was really nervous about it. So it started with Tell me about yourself, then he scanned my resume and asked questions about the projects that I made, like which libraries you have used as my project was in Python, then after discussion on projects he moved on to SQL and Java-based questions . Many of the questions I answered it correctly. From our team 4 were selected for further rounds.

3.Managerial Round(25 mins)

So in this round, the interviewer asked me questions based on my education, how many subjects do you have in this semester, which tech stack did I knew and so on, there were a lot of questions but I have forgot some of them.

So in this round 3 students were selected for the Internship, and I was one of them.

Verdict: Selected

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Last Updated : 25 May, 2023
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