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ThoughtWorks Interview Experience for Application Developer (Off-Campus)

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I applied to ThoughtWorks through referral. It consists of 4 rounds one is an online assessment and 3 interview rounds.

Round 1 – Online Assessment: In this round, there are a total of 16 questions and the time given was 90 mins.

  • 3 Coding questions – Easy, Medium, and Hard.
  • 13 MCQs based on outputs, Computer fundamentals, Aptitude.

Within a week I got the mail that I am selected for Round 2 which is a code pairing round.

Round 2 – Code Pairing Round: This round is an interesting experience to brainstorm, problem-solve and pair alongside a ThoughtWorks Developer that allows you to demonstrate hands-on coding, design, OOP, and solution skills on the code which you have submitted.

The problem statement will be shared with you 20 minutes before the start time of the interview. My problem statement was:

 “Rent a Ride”  As a customer to Rent a Ride you book a cab. We charge you as per the distance covered. We charge 8rs/km. The moment you click the button to RIDE, we search for the nearby drivers who will accept your ride. Suppose there are 15 drivers near your location, then we send the request to the first driver who is closest to you, then the second, and so on. There are a few conditions though, based on which we can not send the request to the nearby driver.

Condition 1: If the driver rating is lower than 4. (out of 5)

Condition 2: If you selected a specific car, and that car driver is not the closest one.

In case there is no driver present as per your request for the car, we will ask you to select some other car. A table was given having drivers, cars model, their ratings, and distance from the customer, and using this data we have to provide the most appropriate car to the customer, with the calculated fare. I was able to solve the problem in the given time, interviewers kept on asking questions about my code, and I answered every question. This round lasted 2 hours.

TIPS:  Always write a neat and clean code containing all the conditions. Use the variable names appropriately, the focus on them a lot. Make sure to use “Access modifiers wherever necessary”. Don’t forget to use a camel case.

I got the mail the same day that I have cleared this round and the technical interview round is scheduled for the next day.

Round 3 – Technical Interview Round: Two interviewers joined in this round to check the height and depth of technical knowledge. Prepare well for your project, they are going to ask every bit of your project and they may ask you to write a code for a particular scenario based on your project. They asked me several questions on the topics like OOPs concepts, Operating systems, SQL, Data-structure and algorithms in any language you are comfortable with. Prepare well with the differences, key topics, SQL joins, LIKE keyword, etc., their usage, what can be used when different approaches to doing a task. No coding questions were asked to me, but this may not happen in your case so do prepare for that also. This round lasts for 1.5 hrs. I was unable to answer a few questions and unfortunately, I did not qualify for the final round which would be the Managerial or HR round. The interviewers in both rounds were friendly and supportive, I enjoyed and learned a lot from this process.

All the best!!

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Last Updated : 04 Mar, 2022
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