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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2021

The following is my interview experience with Think360 (FKA Think Analytics) for the role of Associate Data Engineer during the campus placement drive in August 2021.

The Company came for 4 job roles: Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Python Full Stack Developer, React UI Developer with a job location in Mumbai.

Round 1(Online Test): For Data Engineer profile, the test had one coding question of moderate difficulty (can be solved in any language), one SQL challenge- Coding knowledge of Nested Queries, Joins, would be of help. It also had five MCQs like basic Linux operators, ETL Operations, Pipelining, and basics of DBMS, with a few open-ended questions on DataFrames in Python- Pandas and PySpark DataFrames. 

Round 2(Technical Interview): Overall 50 were shortlisted for Round 2 (all together for the 4 profiles). 

  • The Interview lasted for about 40 minutes. 
  • The interviewer asked me a bit about myself initially, followed by a few questions surrounding my project during my previous internship(data science). 
  • Then I was asked to share my screen for writing SQL queries mostly around these topics- Joins, Stored Procedures, Nested Queries, Pattern Matching, and other basic queries on insertion, deletion, etc. 
  • DBMS and OS theory questions were also asked. 
  • Then I was asked to code in Python that included DataFrames and questions on Numpy. 
  • Moreover, as I had mentioned about NoSQL databases as well, I was asked to write the queries for the same. 
  • Then the interviewer began discussing my other projects. 
  • At last, the interviewer asked a few HR questions like working in teams, leadership, etc., and ended with “Do you have any questions for me?”.

Tip: Stay Calm and listen to the questions carefully and while writing the code, “Think out Loud”, so that the interviewer understands your approach better. 

Round 3(Technical Interview): Further almost half of the students from each profile were shortlisted for this round. 

  • The interview lasted for 20 minutes and I was directly asked technical questions. 
  • Had to explain projects in detail and was asked to write a code snippet out of my internship project that involved Selenium technology( Here, they did not look out for the syntax but how much understanding you have of the code.) 
  • Then I was asked to differentiate between various technologies/languages that I had mentioned in my resume. 
  • Then he typed out a code snippet in chatbox and I was expected to type the output for it (the interviewer used exception handling as well). 
  • OOPs concepts were also tested both theoretically and through code. 
  • There was no dedicated HR round conducted for any of the profiles. 

Tip- Know your resume well, questions like why did you use this technology and not the other are frequently asked, so be well aware, Prepare for standard HR questions beforehand, and just be confident while speaking.

Finally, 10 students overall (altogether for 4 profiles) were selected, and offer letters were released within one hour of selection.

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