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Texas Instruments Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Texas Instruments visited our campus for full-time roles. They offered 3 roles

  • Digital Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Analog Engineer

CPI criteria were 7.

There were a total of 3 Rounds

Round 1(Written): This round was held on Hirepro. 

  • There were no coding questions only MCQs were there. 
  • There were 30 MCQs in 75 mins. 10 Technical MCQ 45 mins and 20 Aptitude MCQ in 30 mins.  
  • Accuracy was very important here. Those who have max number of correct answers were shortlisted for interview. 

Around 24 students out of around approx 250 were shortlisted for Software Engineer Role. I was one of them.

Round 2(Technical): Interviewer was in a bit hurry so he didn’t waste time in the introduction he directly jumped into questions.

  1. Explain Endianness of a machine and write a C code to know the endianness of your machine.
  2. He gave me a hexadecimal address of 32 bits asked me to add code in my previous code to know the content at that address.
  3. What is the cache coherence problem and asked if my code is prone to cache coherence problem. I answered yes. Then he given me an API and asked me where I can use that to remove cache coherence from my code.
  4. What is cache invalidation and again given me an API and asked me to use that in my code.
  5. What is memory alignment. 
  6. Write a C function which takes 2 arguments size and alignment. The function should return a memory block of given size with given alignment. I had written the code using malloc to allocate memory block and then made some changes to make the block align to given alignment.
  7. Some discussion of free system call and how can I use that in my code.

After 5 min I got to know that I had made to the second round and I will get a call from HR.

Round 3(HR): This round was super easy. 

  • Just normal questions like why Texas Instruments. 
  • How I spent my free time. 
  • How I made friends in Online mode. 

After 3 hours they released the list of selected students. Only 2 students were selected from 24 students in Software Engineer Profile. I was one of them.

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Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2021
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