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Texas Instruments Interview Experience for Internships (On-Campus)

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 Hi everyone! I am an undergraduate student pursuing my B.Tech in ECE branch at IIT Guwahati(IITG). Texas Instruments came to our campus to recruit interns for the following roles:

  • Analog Engineering Intern
  • Digital Engineering Intern
  • Embedded Software Engineering Intern
  • Signal Processing Intern

CPI cutoff is kept as 7.0. All roles were opened for ECE, EEE, and Engineering Physics, and the Embedded software role was also opened for CSE, MnC. The whole recruitment process happened in 2 rounds- Test and Interview.

Test: It was held on the Hirepro platform.

  • The test comprised 20 aptitude questions, 20 questions for each role applied.
  • Time is separate for each section- Aptitude(30 min), Each applied role section(45min).
  • The platform is easier to access and navigation is possible.
  • The test is entirely based on the topics they mentioned in the preparation list.
  • Aptitude questions were based on logical reasoning, profit loss, probability, permutations, and paragraph questions were also asked.

5 students for the Analog role, 14 students for the Digital role, 9 students for the Embedded software role, and 5 students for the Signal processing role got shortlisted. I applied for Analog and Digital roles and got shortlisted for the Digital role interview. We had our next round after 2 days of the test.

INTERVIEW: Interviews were taken through the Cisco Webex meeting. We were asked to share the screen and answer the questions. They gave me the choice of concept. I chose Digital electronics. My interview questions are:

  • What is the most basic sequential circuit element? Ans: Latch
  • Imagine you kept a D-latch enable input as 1 and a D-flipflop clock input as 1 throughout the process. If you give a clock pulse input what will be the output of latch and flip flop? Ans: Latch will give output same as input and flip flop won’t give any output because it works only when clock triggers

D-Latch and D Flip flop in the above question with clock input

  • What is the difference between combinational and sequential circuits?
  • If one of the inputs of the NAND gate is its output and the other is in your hand then how will be the output(if possible draw it, the initial state of production is 0)?Ans: If the output is 0 in the previous state it goes to 1 in the next state. If it is 1 then it goes to A'(A compliment) and it keeps on triggering between these two outputs

NAND gate with feedback

  • Make a 3-input NAND gate using 2×1 multiplexers only(no other gates are available).
  • What do you know about CMOS and explain any CMOS concept you know? (I explained the CMOS inverter and he asked some questions like what happens when we change inputs and CMOS structure, gate capacitance, etc)
  • Take an RC circuit where resistor R is in series with the capacitor. There is a switch between the source and the resistor in the open state. If you close it at time t=t0, plot the graph of voltage at the capacitor and current at the capacitor. (Vo is the source, and Vc is the voltage at the capacitor)

RC circuit with a switch in the open state

After this, he asked me if I had any questions for him. I asked about Intern projects and workspace. After that, the interview has been ended. It took 1 hr 15 min in total. My friends were asked about their projects which were mentioned in CVs and Verilog questions were also asked.

Within one day after the interview, we got information about the selected candidates. 1 candidate got selected for both analog and signal processing(he opted for signal processing), 2 candidates were selected for the embedded software role and 2 were selected for the Digital role(I am 1 among 2).

HR calls came after announcing the selected candidates.

Tip: Concentrate on basic concepts and be ready to explain any point in your CV. Thank you.



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Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2022
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