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Texas Instruments Interview Experience for Digital Design Engineer 2023

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Texas Instruments visited our campus to hire final year students(2023 Batch). Only Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication, Electronics and Instruments and Power were allowed to sit for the exam. There were mainly two-three rounds, the first was a Computer Based Online Recruitment Test (on HirePro). followed by 1-2 rounds of interviews. Both the online assessment and interview were held in online (virtual) mode.

Round 1 (Online Assessment): This round had 3 sections. The first section was analog, the second was digital and the third section was cognitive. The total test was held for 2 hours and 15 minutes. There was a negative marking of +1 and -0.25. 

  • Section 1 Analog Engineer Test: This section had 20 questions and the time limit was 45 minutes. The questions were mainly asked on RLC circuits, network theorem, and circuit theory. This section also had questions about control systems.
  • Section 2 Digital Design Engineer Test: This section had 20 questions and the time limit was 45 minutes. The questions were asked on ANSI-C, BCDs, Latches, microprocessors, flip-flops, binary conversion, 8085 programming, slacks, and logical circuits.
  • Section 3 Cognitive Test: This section had 30 questions and the time limit was 45 minutes. The first 10 questions were asked in English, which consisted of jumbled sentences, fill-in blanks, comprehension, synonyms, and antonyms. The next 10 questions were asked from Data Interpretation and Reasoning the questions consisted of pattern recognition, next term of series, situation-based questions, and paragraph-based questions. The next 10 questions were on Quantitative Aptitude and questions were on time and work, linear equations, time and distance, functions, etc.

After this round 53 students were selected for analog and 18 were selected for digital interviews. I was selected for a digital interview.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): My interview lasted for about 45-50 minutes. The questions asked in the interview are:-

  • Give your introduction
  • I have seen that you have done a business analyst internship. What have you done there?
  • He then asked me what my interest lies in digital and analog and told me that based on my performance I will be getting selected for an analog or digital engineer role.
  • A logic circuit was shown on the screen. The circuit had around 7 XOR gates and I was asked to find the output of the logical circuit. After getting the output he asked me to explain how I got the solution.
  • He then asked me to open the paint. Then he asked me to draw CMOS.
  • Explain CMOS.
  • Draw separately PMOS and NMOS. Mark the input and output of PMOS.
  • Draw a diode
  • What is breakdown voltage?
  • Draw the graph of the v-i diagram of the diode for forward and reverse bias.
  • WAP to give the output as hattrick and not hattrick on entering a string. A hattrick is considered if the user enters three consecutive w’s. (I wrote the program in python.)

Some people were called for hr after this round.

Finally, 13 students got selected for analog engineering and none got selected for digital engineering. I got rejected after the interview.

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Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2022
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