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Teradata Interview Experience | Set 6

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2017
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Round 1( written test 40 mins)
Around 60 candidates were short listed for round 1 based on aggregate percentage and eamcet rank

BTech and IDP students were considered for developer role and Mtech/Msit students were considered for tester profile,

Round 1 was written test which has 20 Mcqs based on C,DS,OS,CO&A,and Complexity Analysis, Both Tester and Developer profile had different papers for written test
15 members(9 dev + 6 testers) were qualified for round 2
the level of difficulty was medium-hard, conceptual clarity is must to crack the test

Round 2 (Technical 1 hr 15mins)
1. Given a string, write a function to check whether it represents a valid C variable or not
2. Discussion on internship
3. Discussion on Projects
4. Difference between Malloc() and Calloc()
5. Write a function to delete a Node in Bst
6. Level order traversal of a Binary tree( without recursion)
7. Application of mergeSort , what are the situations where mergeSort is preferred over Quicksort and Vice-Versa
8 Implement Mergesort
9 Find the Kth maximum element in an array

I gave him a heap Based solution , when he asked for further optimization
I gave him a solution which returns the index of Kth maximum element using partition method of quicksort ( QuickSelect)

10. What are Balanced Binary Search trees,? what are the different types of rotations in AVL tree
11. What is Trie? its Node structure and implementation
12. Detect and Remove loop in a Linked List
13. Check whether given string is palindrome or not without using integers.

Round 3 (Technical 1 hr)
1. Given an array find all the elements which occur odd number of times

when i gave him O(n) solution which uses extra space, he asked me to do it with constant space, then i gave him a solution using sorting

2. Delete all the nodes in linked list which are occurring more than twice
3. Given a String and pattern Find the last occurrence of the pattern in the given string

I have implemented naive pattern matching algorithm with a complexity of O(n*m), then he asked for further optimization, then I gave him a solution based on KMP algorithm for pattern matching

4. Discussion on Memory allocation for a program, different areas of memory (stack,heap,read-only areas)

5. Given a number ,find the set bits in a number using a recursive function.

Round 4 (Technical + HR 1 hr)

1. Discussion on internship
2. Discussion about projects that i have mentioned in my resume
3. what are integrity constraints? what is referential integrity?
4.what language do u prefer C or Java ( as i have mentioned them in my resume)
5. why did u take integrated dual degree programme
6. why teradata?
7. If you are given an opportunity ,How long are you willing to work with teradata?
8. Do u like to work as a Team or as an Individual
9. how good are u at debugging?
10. what will you do if you don’t get to learn new things from company
11. where do u find yourself 5 years from now?

Round 5 ( HR 15 mins)

This is a telephonic Round
1.Tell me about yourself
2. Discussion about Bond
3. Any plans about Higher studies?
4. Any plans about going to Abroad?
5. How confident are you that you will get this job?

Finally 2 members(dev) were hired

1. Interviewers are very friendly and interactive, utilize the interaction to maximum
2. Always take all the requirements before writing code and write clean code during tech interviews
3 . Be patient and be positive
4. Be strong with fundamentals
5. Questions are mainly based on data structures and problem solving ability

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