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Teradata Interview Experience for Software Engineer

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  • Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2018
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This is my interview experience with Teradata and I wanted to share this with other people who are attending to the interview. My request is, please donot reveal my name or any other details in the post, leave it as anonymous. I got the interview call through a referral from Teradata employee.

Rounds in Interview:

1. Telephonic (45 mins)
2. Written Test
3. Technical Round – 1
4. Technical Round -2
5. Managerial Round
6. HR Round

Telephonic Interview:

In the telephonic round I was asked about the following questions:
1. About my projects in my Resume, they went deep into and asked me how I have implemented them and asked me how can you improve them if you have got more time and few other concepts relevant to them.
2. He asked me to give an approach to sort 1 million strings, I have answered them the solution using the Merge sort where the comparison function is altered and another solution with Tries.
3. Later he asked me if the system has limited resources what will you do.

Written Test(45 mins):
1. The written test consisted of 20 MCQ questions on C, CO and OS. The level was intermediate and most of the questions in OS and CO were previous years GATE questions.

Technical Round – 1(1 hr):
1. The first question was to implement allocation and deallocation functions by managing the memory and metadata etc. Also using the OS concepts like best fit, worst fit etc.
2. He asked to implement heterogeneous array (like python lists) using C. I have given him an approach using Unions and Structures by wrapping a structure inside a union.
3. The third question was to implement the n-ary tree. He asked me to write the code for node creation and printing the n-ary tree.

Technical Round – 2(1 hr):
1. The first question was to find the number of palindromes along with there length in a numerical string. I have given the brute force approach.
2. The next question was to validate the syntax of C code for if, for statements; extra spaces, semicolons etc by reading the code from the file. They were testing my file handling skills.
3. The next discussion was on how to do exception handling in C. I answered him that we can do with If and Else. Also an approach for handling dangling pointers and memory leaks.
4. The next question was to check number palindrome. I gave him the brute force approach and the approach using 2 pointers after converting the number to a string.

Managerial Round (30 mins):
Simple questions like:
1. Why do you choose Teradata?
2. What is the biggest challenge till now in your life?
3. Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?
4. Have you attended any other interviews?

HR Round (30 mins):
This round is a very cool round, the questions were like:
1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
2. What are your short and long term goals?
3. Salary Discussions.

I am very thankful to GeeksforGeeks for their support in collecting all the interview questions.

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