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Tekion Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021
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TEKION visited our college in August 2021. There were four rounds. Each round was an elimination round. All the rounds were conducted Virtually.

Round 1(Online Test and Coding Round): This round was hosted on the HackerEarth platform. It consisted of 18 MCQs and 2 coding problems. The duration was 75 minutes. MCQs were from C/C++ I/O, DSA, Java( Threading, inheritance), and DBMS(Joins, Normalization).

Questions asked were:

  1. Minimum size of the board (
  2. You are given a smartphone with an efficient charger. The initial amount of the charge in the smartphone is S, it charges

    the smartphone at different rates depending upon the amount of charge available in the phone to prevent the battery of the phone

    from any damage. Assuming that the current amount of charge available in the phone is C, the rates at which the phone is charged

    R in units per minute are as follows:

    Assuming the current charge level is C, the rates R of charging are (in units per minute)

    0≤ C ≤ 10, R = 10  
    11 ≤ C ≤ 230, R = 5  
    231 ≤ C ≤ 559, R = 8  
    560 ≤ C ≤ 1009, R = 2  
    1010 ≤ C ≤ 5000, R = 7  
    5001 ≤ C ≤ 10000, R = 8  
    10001 ≤ C ≤ 1000000000, R = 3  


    First-line contains Q, number of queries.

    Next, Q lines contain two integers S and T.


    One integer denoting the number of minutes it takes.


    1 ≤ Q ≤ 100000
    0 ≤ S ≤ T ≤ 1000000000


    0 5
    10 50




    First Query :

    S = 0,T = 5

    In this condition R = 10, hence after 1 minute charge becomes 0 + 10 = 10 which is greater than 5

    Therefore total time: 1 minute

    Second Query :

    S = 10, T = 50. In this condition R = 10 applies, and charge becomes 10 + 10 = 20.

    Now charge rate changes to R = 5, then after 6 more minutes charge becomes 20+(5+5+5+5+5+5) = 50

    Therefore total time: 7 minutes.

    I was able to solve both questions completely. Finally, 9 members were shortlisted for the next round.


Round 2(Technical Interview 1): It began with my introduction. Then she directly jumped on coding questions.

Two coding questions were asked.

  1. Maximum sum such that no two elements are adjacent
  2. A program to check if a binary tree is BST or not

She also wanted me to write proper code on any IDE and run it. I was able.

This round lasted around 60 minutes.

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): This round began with my introduction again. Then the interviewer asked me to explain my project and why I chose visual cryptography ( My project was based on this.) And some more project-related questions.

Later 3 coding questions were asked

  1. Connect n ropes with minimum cost.
  2. Print Longest Increasing Subsequence(LIS) from a given array.
  3. Minimum time required to rot all oranges

I was able to solve all questions properly and able to run the code of all questions.

And then he asked about DBMS ( Primary keys, foreigner key, B/B+ trees ), N-ary trees and their uses.

This round lasted around 2 hr.

Round 4(HR Round): Questions about me, projects, what do know about TEKION, Then he asked any questions for me. It lasted around 15 minutes.


  • Think out loud and approach to solution gradually with proper explanation.
  • If you don’t know the correct answer then try to think about what can be the possible answer ( Theoretical questions ).
  • Know your Resume COMPLETELY.

And same day result came out and a total of 4 was selected for 6M + FTE and I was one of them.

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