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Tekion Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer – Backend (Off-Campus) 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2022
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I was interviewed in 2022. I’ve applied to an ASE – Backend role through LinkedIn referral. Around 3 days later I got a call from HR regarding basic info and the reason for the job change. On the same call, I got confirmation that the first tech round was scheduled 2 days later.

Tech Round 1: My first round was a bit unorthodox interview in my experience. It started with my brief intro and then the interviewer jumped onto a coding question.

  • The interviewer asked me to create a .txt file having different unsorted lists on 5 lines Eg. [5,2,4,1,3].
  • Then I was told that I had to read the file, sort the array/list in each line, and store it in another text. The interviewer also told me that I can google anything if needed. Rather he insisted on google stuff that I’m unaware of and wanted to see how I approach this problem. I was able to complete the solution quickly.
  • Furthermore, he asked to do the same for 2 input files where the writing order doesn’t matter and asked if I can improve overall efficiency. I proposed the use of thread. The interviewer agreed and asked to proceed with the implementation. Here, I manually implemented a simple simulation of binary semaphore using a boolean variable for synchronization while writing operations. The interviewer asked me to explain the same bit of code and he seemed satisfied. Then he asked me how would I implement synchronization between two separate systems (in Distributed system arch).
  • Then he asked if I know how the page pops up whenever I type in the browser.
  • Additionally, he asked me to ping and he did the same and asked why were we both getting different IPs.
  • Then a handful of questions were asked on OS and internship and personal projects.
  • Within 2 hours from the interview completion, I got a call from HR stating I had a second Tech interview the very next day.

Tech Round 2: The interview started with a brief intro of me and the interviewer. Then interviewer dug a bit into my recent internship experience as he had experience with the same domain(CCaas) in past. I was asked a bit about multithreading and synchronization as I’ve worked on similar stuff in my internship projects. The rest of the interview was independent of DSA, DBMS, and OS questions.
Then the interviewer jumped onto a DSA question:
Furthermore, the interview shifted to DBMS: I have a table employee(emp_id, name, manager_id, salary) and I’ve to get the count name of managers with employees under him and max salary among his employees.
After this, the interview got back to DSA with the following questions:

The interview ended with a couple of OS questions. I soon got a call from HR for the next interview is scheduled for the next day.

Tech Round 3: This interview was taken by the Senior Manager. It started with my brief intro. Then a few questions on internship projects and OS were asked. Furthermore, the interviewer asked a DSA question:

Here the interview ended with a brief on teams working in Tekion.
On the same day by evening, I received the selection mail 🙂

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