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Technical Terminology Of Computer

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  • Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2022
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All imported and used to terminologies we are going to discuss over here:

  1. Access Point :  
    This is wireless hardware connection in which networking devices are used which also known as base station which create a wireless operation through a line for broadband network the access is at the local area network LAN. 
  2. Aero : 
    This is the name of Window Vista graphical interface which gives a new look to the users’ device the full form of Aero is authentic, energetic, reflective and open. 
  3. Application
    Any program which is made to perform a special task that is known as application for example Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. 
  4. Backup :  
    Any file which is copy to different source or device. 
  5. Bandwidth : 
    Tour connection when we transfer data and for that the measurement it is done through a bandwidth this is calculated in bits per second. 
  6. Binary : 
    This is the basic series of system which has 0 and 1.
  7. Bit
    This is the short form of binary digit this is the single series of desert which can be 0 or 1 this is a Smallest unit of computer. 
  8. Bitmap : 
    The file format which is used for Digital pictures format. 
  9. Bluetooth : 
    Radio Technology through which electronic devices which is used as a facility without connecting any wire so this is a wireless connectivity. 
  10. Browser : 
    For ceiling data on the web the software program which is used is called browser Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator are all browsers. 
  11. Buffer :
    For storing data on for storing data on a temporary basis which is showing various factors like printing disk access etc this helps in increasing the speed. 
  12. Byte :
    This is the measurement of byte data transfer or data storage one bite has 8 bit. 
  13. Cable Modem : 
    Cable modem is a type cable modem is a type of internet connection which is telecast through a cable throw broadband connection we got the high speed network. 
  14. Cache : 
    This is the high speed memory which is equal to Random Access Memory Ram and cache has a difference of cache memory server storage and a computer system storage. 
  15. CD-ROM : 
    This is cheap round storage device which is permanent in this the data can be stored in a bulk. 
  16. CGA :
    Color graphic adaptor is a smallest form this is the microcomputer color standard off the IBM. 
  17. Client :
    This is a process which ask other programs the information about any source email client Outlook web browser are some example. 
  18. Clipboard :
    The temporary data is stored over here which is stored while we transfer data from one device to another or from one folder to another. 
  19. CPU :
    All the actions all the actions are performed in a central Processing Unit which is given by a CPU this is the brain of a computer whose work is to do to task ceded by the user and the CPU perform the right function whatever is asked to do like addition subtraction etc. 
  20. Cursor :
    This is type of mark which helps in doing work like clicking. 
  21. Data :
    The information stored in a computer is data. 
  22. Database :
    The information which the information which is in a large amount is called database the collection of newspaper is again a database. 
  23. Demodulation :
    This process is used by a telephone company through which the analogue signal is used in computer by converting into a digital signal. 
  24. Desktop :
    The very first screen which has the icon Taskbar sidebar etc. 
  25. Desktop Window Manager :  Visual style window has a new Windows Vista this style is known as Arrow glass for saying this we need a video card which is longhorn Display Drive model. 
  26. Dial-Up Line :
    Any telephone line which is joined to a server is known as dial up line. 
  27. Dial Up Networking :
    This is generally used and window 95, 98 and Unix operating system through this various computers are joined through a telephone line which is again connected to the internet through a modem. 
  28. Digital :
    This is a form in which a data is shown as a non-analogue and digital WWE this is similar to Binary System. 
  29. Directory :
    In computer language the file system which is having different forms is known as directory one directory has a thousand files and folders which is used for data addition and update. 
  30. Domain :
    This is a computer with side or network which is connected to internet a simple domain name can be
  31. DOS :
    Disk operating system is desk operating system is a smallest form this is prepared by Bill Gates it is the command line operating system. 
  32. Domain Name :  This is the special and entity of the company e which is connected to the internet this is also the remembering structure of IP address. 
  33. DPI :
    The desktop publishing is a small computer and devices connected to it work as a publishing process the more the pixel the better will be the picture. 
  34. Ethernet :
    The high speed connectivity is possible through a networking system by a cable TCP IP AppleTalk Novell wetware these are all network protocol with support the Ethernet network system. 
  35. Executable File :
    This is the exe this is a binary file which is used to do work through a computer system this cannot be opened by a human this is made for understanding things just like a program. 
  36. Expanded Memory :
    This is the expanded memory specification for EMS in a dos based system the one megabyte address place is present in a main memory for increasing the memory capability this technique is used 384 K is the high memory and 640K is the normal memory. 
  37. Expansion Card :
    This is a circuit card which is used in motherboard for the extension slot. 
  38. External Modem :
    This is different in real computer system this can easily be removed from one computer to another. 
  39. Gateway :
    This is a part of a software which create a link between two sides this is used for interconnecting computer internally. 
  40. GIF :
    Graphical interchange format is a process this is made ready by the campus this is a format of a picture. 
  41. HTML :
    Hypertext Markup Language which is used for structural and formatting tags which is used for creating a web page. 
  42. HTTP :
    Hypertext transfer protocol which is used in World Wide Web server.
  43. Integrated Circuit :
    The other name of a microchip is the other name of a microchip is integrated circuit this is a small electronic device which is used as a semiconductor. 
  44. ISP :
    The internet service provider is a company which provide you the facility of internet.
  45. ISDN :
    The integrated services Digital Network this is the present telephone lines process delivery this is used for connecting various places and for this the other place also has an ISDN in it. 
  46. JPEG :
    Joint photographic experts group this is the picture format. 
  47. Mainframe :
    This is known as server or CPU this is huge and very powerful.
  48. Motherboard :
    This is the main circuit Board of a microcomputer in which various connectors are there for connecting boards normal motherboard has CPU, chip Ram, ROM chip disk driver, control card, output editor card, speaker, timer etc. 
  49. MP3 :
    Moving picture expert group audio layer 3 this is used for making small audio file which has a good audio quality. 
  50. MP4 : 
    Moving picture expert group audio layer 4 this has a bandwidth multimedia application. 
  51. MPEG :
    Moving picture expert group this is the Digital audio and video files format making which is used for viewing.
  52. Newsgroup :
    Online USENET net system which has a thousand and lacks of topics information in it which is given at the free cost.
  53. PDF :
    Portable document format this is used by the Adobe through which you can convert the files into a picture file, this is my mistake anything get disturbed there will be no no loss or change that will occur on it. 
  54. Peripheral :
    Any external device that is connected to a computer like printer, driver display, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.
  55. Phishing :
    Password harvesting fishing  this take user private information like password. Through this we can get information of anyone through a cheat.
  56. Pixel :
    This is picture element in graphic monitor the picture is seen in a thousand and lacks of digits that is a division of a pixel in reality of pixel is a point through which a complete image is formed.
  57. Port : 
    Slots in the motherboard through which the parts are joined in a computer is known as port.
  58. Ribbon :
    Microsoft Office 2007 uses a toolbar of 2003 office and menus that are removed and given in a ribbon through this we can go to any option easily, so we don’t need to see the menu again and again.
  59. RSS :
    Really simple syndication this is a XML format which is used for the distribution of news headlines.

These are the terms which we generally and usually use in computers.

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