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TCS NQT Interview Experience (2020-21)

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  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022

The selection process of TCS NQT was divided into two categories:

  1. Online Proctored Test
  2. Interview (TR+MR+HR)

The online test was a 3-hour test. The test was divided into four sections:

  1. Numerical Ability
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Verbal ability
  4. Programming (MCQ+Coding)

My written test was scheduled for October 22, 2020. The test was of an easy-moderate level. I received a mail regarding the results on November 9, 2020, and it was mentioned that I have cleared the written test and my interview was scheduled for November 12, 2020.

We had to wait for the interviewer to call us before we join the interview link. The interview process started at 10:00 am. I received the call around 2:00 pm and the interviewer asked me to join the link after 15 minutes and e-mailed me to which I needed to send my soft copies of the documents (10th mark sheet,12th mark sheet, mark sheet, aadhaar card).

My interview started and the following are the questions that were asked:

Technical: First, they asked me to introduce myself and told me to get my aadhaar card, HR took a photo of me holding my aadhaar and after that, the process began.

  1. Definition of OOP and its properties.
  2. Definition of Polymorphism with real-life examples.
  3. Function overloading, and they gave me a snippet of a code, and a few questions were asked based on that regarding overloading.
  4. Data types in C.
  5. Structures and Unions? Which is efficient in terms of memory utilization and why?
  6. Local and static variables.
  7. Global variables.

MR Questions: Since I had mentioned that I have done a training based on IoT, so a few questions were asked from that:

  1. Definition of IoT in simple words.
  2. Real-life examples and their future scope.
  3. Layers of IoT.

Again questions were asked from OOP.

  1. Inheritance and its types.
  2. Again a snippet of a code was given and questions were asked from it.

HR Questions:

  1. What has been the happiest/ memorable day of your college life till now?
  2. Tell me a situation that was challenging for you and how did you come out of that?
  3. Then the HR asked a few questions regarding relocation, bond and described a little about the company’s policies.

I received my interview result on December 18, 2020. It was a long process since everything was virtual. 

Tips: Just be honest with your answers. If you know the answer, be confident and say. If you don’t, just tell them that you don’t know it. Don’t try to bluff the interviewer.

TCS NQT is not that tough to crack, with a little knowledge you can easily crack it. All the best.


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