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TCS NQT Interview Experience (2020-21)

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  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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I am going to share my TCS Ninja profile interview experience through this short article to get you a clear idea about the complete hiring process and which types of questions could be asked in the interview.

TCS conducts its competitive programming context named as TCS-Codevita through which it hires many students. If you want to get placed in TCS then you can clear the first round of Codevita with a good rank and then you can get shortlisted for a direct interview. I also had given the Codevita but did not able to crack it. Rather than Codevita, TCS also conducts the one test i.e. TCS National Qualifier Test (TCS-NQT) which consists of two steps, one is we have to give the NQT test and if we are able to crack that exam then we can get shortlisted for an interview.

If you crack this exam according to their cutoff criteria then you can get called for an interview through email. I also cleared that test and got shortlisted for an interview. My interview was conducted on 27 November 2020. There was a panel of 3 persons who were technical, HR, and Managerial persons respectively. I’ll provide the questions which were asked me during the interview in the below paragraph.

NQT Pattern : 

  • Numerical Ability: There are 26 Questions where you will get 40 minutes to solve.
  • Verbal Ability: There are 30 minutes for 24 Questions.
  • Reasoning Ability: There is a total of 30 Questions where you get 50 minutes.
  • Programming MCQ: There are totals of 10 Questions you will get 15 minutes.
  • Program Writing (Coding): In the Coding test, you will get 2 Questions for 30 minutes.


Note: In the text given below, these are the questions that were asked me by the interviewers.

Interview Questions:

Technical Questions:

  1. What is OOPS?
  2. How and for what purpose the volatile keyword use in the OOP?
  3. Which language used for writing code for android development?
  4. Which IDE do you use for the android application development?
  5. What is web hosting and tell me that how the websites actually to be hosted?
  6. What projects you did under web development?
  7. A detailed discussion about the recruitment form which I made for college using web technologies?
  8. Tell me about the internships you did?
  9. What are the features of OOPS?
  10. What is polymorphism and give a practical example for it?
  11. What are pointers and what operation it can do?
  12. What is the role of pointers in creating the structure and allocating the memory for variables?
  13. What is Data structure?
  14. What are sorting techniques and give its time complexities also?
  15. Tell about the singly and doubly linked lists?
  16. What is your final year project?

Questions asked by HR and Managerial person :

  1. Self-introduction.
  2. What are your future goals?
  3. What is the current news which is related to TCS?
  4. Are you ready to relocate anywhere in India after getting selected?
  5. Tell me the moment where you felt very proud in the last three years of engineering?
  6. When you had given the speech on stage for the first time?
  7. Why will we select you?

Thank you for reading, have a nice day!

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