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TCS NQT Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022

My interview has two panels one is technical and another one is HR.

Interview platform – WebEx

The interview duration is 25 mins.

T. Interviewer – Introduces himself and then asks me to quickly introduce myself.

Me – I give him a min-long introduction.

T. Interviewer – So, you have mention python in your resume. Can you tell me the reasons why Python is so popular?

Me – I give three/four reasons why python is so awesome.

T. Interviewer – Can you tell me the difference between flask and Django.

Me – I answered that.

T. Interviewer – Explain me pillars of OOP.

Me – I described each and every principle of OOP with example.

T. Interviewer – Differentiate between matrix and array in python

Me – I answered only 1 difference that I know, but he was satisfied.

T. Interviewer – Write a code to check whether the string is palindrome or not

Me – I share my screen and open VS code I explain to him the code line by line. 

Refer ( if you don’t know the solution

T. Interviewer – Okay, I am done now HR would like to ask you some questions.

HR Interviewer – So, what are your life goals.

Me – I answered.

HR Interviewer – If you are project manager and two of your team member are not working well together what would your approach be to tackling the situation.

Me – I answered that with some conflict resolution techniques.

HR Interviewer – Are you ready for relocation

Me – OfCourse!

HR Interviewer – Do you have any questions?

Me – I ask him two questions.

That’s it.

It was my TCS interview experience

Hope this experience is helpful to whoever reading.

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