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TCS NQT Digital Interview Experience (2022)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2022
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I already got the TCS NINJA offer through TCS CODEVITA. I appeared in TCS NQT on 29th August. And I cleared the test for TCS DIGITAL Interview.

TCS NQT TEST: Basically, there were three sections.

  • The first section was some color blindness test types.
  • The second section was Foundation Section. This section contains Quant, LRDI, and VARC questions. The difficulty level was Medium-Hard. Time Management was a key factor to clear the test.
  • The third section was the Advance Section. This section contains questions from Quant, LR and at last, there were two coding questions. The difficulty level of Quant and LR was again Medium-Hard and the difficulty level of the coding questions was Easy-Medium. Someone with a basic knowledge of any programming language will be able to do the questions.

Interview: I got a mail just 12 hours before the interview, surprisingly, this was a physical interview. It was scheduled for 15th September and the reporting time was 8 am. I reached TCS Gitanjali Park, Kolkata at 8 am. It took two and a half hours to complete the verification process. Then we waited for a very long time. And at last, I entered my interview room at 3:10 pm. There were 3 panelists, they greeted me and asked me to sit.

  • The first question the first interviewer asked me was, “You have already got an offer from TCS Ninja. Then how have you upgraded yourself so that we can upgrade your salary and position?”. I told them that I’m learning new technologies like Cloud, ML, Blockchain, etc. They told me that, “Learning Technologies is not enough”.
  • Then he jumped into my project “Face Mask Detection using Python OpenCV”. They asked me questions from that and whatever I was saying they were ready to contradict me. I was using some technical terminologies, but they told me to talk in simple language.
  • They told me to tell a situation where it was hard for me to meet the deadlines. I told a situation of my college project where a guy was working on a backend technology and he was not doing his work properly. I, myself, to meet the deadline learned from YouTube and other resources and managed to do the work anyhow. They were not impressed by the “anyhow” thing. So, they told me that the “anyhow” thing will not work in TCS.
  • The first interviewer was simply bullying me. Now when the first interviewer was done with his questions, the second interviewer came into the picture. He was better than the first interviewer in terms of supportiveness. He asked questions from Python, OOPs, DBMS, etc. He told me to write some pieces of code on paper. I answered almost every question.
  • Then the third interviewer’s turn. He jumped straight into the topic of Software Engineering and I’ve never studied that subject. So, I was unable to answer most of the questions.
  • Then he asked questions from Newton’s Laws, Class 10 Mathematics which were not even related to the job description.
  • He asked about my hobbies. Then they said “Thank you!” and I came out of the interview room.

As a whole, I can say that the interview was a complete mess. I think they were in the mood to reject me “anyhow”. While other interviews were completed in 15-20 minutes at maximum, my interview lasted 55 minutes. I’m not even waiting for the results, LOL

Update on 27th September: I was not selected

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