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TCS Ninja(NQT) Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2023

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 01 Aug, 2022
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TCS conducted an on-campus recruitment test for the year 2023. All the branches were allowed to sit for this test. There were two rounds first online test was followed by one interview round. The test was conducted on TCS IBA Launcher. This round did not have negative marking.

Round 1(online test): This round was divided mainly into 4 parts. The total time for the test was 3 hr 15 mins. One can skip questions but cannot navigate in between questions.

  • Color Analysis: In this round set of color combinations was given and we had to randomly choose any 10 colors according to our wish. This round was for about 10 minutes.  
  • Foundation Questions: This round was for 75 minutes for 75 questions and was divided into 3 sections.

Aptitude: There were 20 questions. The questions were about time and distance time and work, mensuration algebra, etc. If one takes preparation for CAT one can clear this round. 

English: There were 30 questions. The questions were on jumbled sentences, comprehension, finding an error, and grammar.

Data interpretation and Logic reasoning There were 25 questions. Some of the questions were on sitting arrangements. Finding the next character in the sequence. Case study binary logic etc. There are also some trick questions like results after cutting paper etc.

  • Advanced Round: This round was for 40 minutes and had 20 questions. The questions were of higher aptitude questions like graphs, linear equations, and tougher data reasoning and logical reasoning questions. 
  • Coding Round: This round was of 50 minutes and had two coding questions. In my set the questions where:
  1. WAP to print Yes if the array is increasing and No if it’s not. There was one operation that can be performed If there are 2 adjacent elements A[i] & A[i+1], then A[i] or A[i+1] can be replaced by (A[i]+ A[i+1])/2. Also, the resultant number will be a whole number.
  2. WAP to change the file format input. Here we need to put a forward slash ‘/’ before starting a string and also remove consecutive forward slash in a string to only a single slash. Also, we need to remove ‘/’ from the end of the string if any.
  3. Some other questions which were asked were on bit manipulation and the nth term of the series question.

The results were announced after 10 days. After this round of 245 students, 70 students were selected for the interview round. From them, 45 students were selected for ninja and 25 students were selected for digital.

Round 2(virtual interview): This round was TR+HR+MR. My interview was for about 10 minutes. I will be giving the interview questions which was asked to me and also the questions asked to my friends. The interview questions were mainly asked on the resume and lasted for about 10-15 minutes.

  • Firstly they had asked me to verify the details of classes 10 and 12 and had also taken a picture of me with my id card.
  • Why do you want to join TCS?
  • What programming languages do you know?
  • What is a constructor?
  • How constructor is related to class?
  • I have seen that you have experience in the frontend. Suppose you are given a project in the backend how will you manage it? (I had previously done an internship in Frontend web dev).
  • Explain your projects.(I mentioned two of my projects and he said ok)
  • Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years?
  • Then the hr said it was alright and told me to mail my official documents within 10-15 minutes in the designated mail.

One of my friend had written java in his resume and thus he was asked questions on it.

  •  What is the difference between jre and jdk?
  • What is the current version of java?
  • How can you solve a problem if you are given one?
  • Why is Java better than other languages?
  • Then he was asked to swap two numbers without using third variable.
  • What was the strength and weakness?

Another friend had mentioned basic programming knowledge so he was asked questions on.

  • What is OOPs?
  • What is class and object?
  • What is markup in HTML?
  • Basic hr questions.

Another had mentioned competitive programming so he was asked questions on.

  • What is array?
  • Is python platform dependent?
  • Different sorting methods?
  • Difference between Null and void?
  • Difference between float and double?
  • What is a pointer?
  • What are the different data types?

One of my friend had an unique interview he was asked only on aptitude and logical questions.

  • Two trains both at 25km/hr is crossing each other there is a crow sitting at the front of one of the train. The flying speed of crow is 5km/hr. The crow jumps from one train to the other. What is the total distance covered by the crow?
  • 8 balls are given and a weighing balance is given. From these 8 balls one of the ball is lighter and other balls are of equal weight. What is the maximum and minimum number of attempt needed to get the lightest ball.
  • How can you numerically swap two numbers?

Finally after around 9 days the result was announced and total of 38 students where selected in ninja and 3 students in digital profile and I was one of them.

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