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TCS Ninja National Qualifier Test 2020 Interview Experience ECE

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  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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I went inside for the interview.There were almost 20 to 25 panels in a chamber. There were two gentlemen sitting behind me. My reporting time was at 2:00 clock but i called for the first round at 6:30 almost. I’m the last one for the entire interview process for that day.

Right after i entered the room i wished them a very good evening, asked permission and sat down.

Round 1:

Introduce yourself:

Started with the  two minute introduction that i had prepared before coming to interview, ranging from academic qualifications to extracurricular, to being born in a joint family, to other interests in life. I had given them few pointers around which I wanted my interview to revolve.

Academic Project:
I’ve told about my mini project with him because we students not started our main project yet in this semester.
He asked some relevant questions about my project something like How it works, Modules, Process, Parts, Existed or created etc.
Starting from my schooling to engineering and huddles came over this journey I’ve explained every thing.
Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Reading books (Novels), listening and Singing music, Travelling.
Q: What are your goals?
A: Answered correctly(I’ve explained about my short term goal and long term goal).
Q: What will you do if you didn’t get a possession or work related to your skills?
A: There is no problem at all in this case. I will take this chance to learn new things out of my boundary and i will strive hard to get acknowledged.
(Based upon my answers they asked some more questions for few minutes).
Q: Why do you choose ECE instead of CSE while interested in IT field? 
A: As we are from ECE background we are good at our communication and core subjects. Adding to that we have a lot of chances to get into IT jobs just by learning programming and some courses that’s why i chose ECE.
Q: How many number of satellites required to cover entire earth? 
A: Three satellites each of 120 degrees angle covering.
Q: what is wireless communication concept? 
A: Wireless communication is the transfer of information between two or more points not actually connected by physical medium. Such as Radio communication, Microwave communication and Light, Visible and Infrared communication.
Q: In which programming language you are good at? 
A: C and JAVA (Based on that they asked some questions).
Q: How would you rate yourself on programming? 
A: I rated myself  4.5 out of 5.
Q: Write a program code on Fibonacci series only up to 5 numbers for output? 
A: I’ve done with my code on paper and submitted.
Q: About any new trending technologies? 
A: I’ve said about blockchain technology.
Q:Give me your 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses? 
A: I told my strengths. Say no to weaknesses.
Q: Are you flexible with shifts, Can you explain how flexible you are, are you ready to work for company at any location? 
A:Big yes for all. Explained about my flexibility.
Round 2: (MR + HR)
They took their parts separately.
Q: Tell me something about yourself? 
A:  I repeated the answer i said before in TR round.
Q: What is meant by communication in your point of view? 
A: I asked sir is it in technical way or general way. He said in general point of view.
I answered – It is a way of verbal communication between two persons. I t can be used to express some feeling or to express some situation and especially in IT fields it is used to explain projects to clients and team members.
Q: Tell me about your family? 
A: I’ve said about my family.
Q: Tell me about your school? 
 A: I’ve said about my school.
Q: What is the role of an employee? 
A: I’ve said about that in a simple way. Role of an employee is to submit or complete their assigned work or project in in-time and to satisfy the clients.
Q:If you explain your project to your team members as a team leader and some of them didn’t get you then what will you do? 
 A: I will ask them again whether they understood their assigned parts or not. I will get a clear point of view by that way . How much they understood and how much they can’t. I will explain the complex part for twice. Unless and until they didn’t get a clear point of view the project won’t get complete.
Q: Do you know what is meant by proactive? 
 A: Proactive means acting in advance to deal with an expected change or difficulty.
Q: What is the importance of Telugu language? 
 A: I  have said a lot about it.
Q: Do you have any location constraints, Are you flexible to work at any shift? 
 A: Big yes.
Q: What is meant by AACHARANA? 
 A: Its a organization in my college. I’ve explained about that and what i do.
Q: What’s your role, What do you do, To whom it will help ? 
 A: ( Related to above question ).
Q: How self-motivation can be your strength? ( I mentioned it as my strength in resume)
 A:  I’m a type of guy who learn from both the failures and success, appreciation and depreciation. I will keep my good things aside and improve them day by day. I will focus more on my weaknesses and failures and i learn from them.
Q:If our company give a chance to go to cognizant where your sister works. What will you do? 
 A: I will definitely work where i get the best pay. ( She told me to give answer genuinely).
Q: About Relocation and Do you have any problem with night shifts? 
 A: No problem for both.
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