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TCS Ninja Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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There are only TWO rounds in TCS

Round 1-TCS NQT

This round is the important round as it is massive elimination round. It comprises of logical, aptitude, reasoning and coding questions. It consists of 92 questions which has to be solved in 180 minutes. I used RS.Agarwal book for preparation and YouTube video like careerride to solve my doubts and many more videos are there to help. I couldn’t do the coding question due to the some error. I gave my exam on 28 oct,2020 and got result on 10 nov,2020 that I was selected for the next round.

Round 2-Technical+mangerial+HR round

This round was scheduled  on Dec 6,2020.Actually my interview was at 5.00 pm .But suddenly they called at 12.00 pm and said that the interview was preponed at 12.15 pm. That time I was at the peak of my stress because I had less time to dress up to look presentable and to set my laptop, my parents helped me a lot and I could be available at the correct time. There are two panel members present at the Microsoft Teams meeting, one for technical and another one for HR. It started with technical round and it was like rapid fire. The questions were based on c,sql,java and they are

  1. Explain your third year project.
  2. What is called as array?
  3. What is called as pointer?
  4. Whether pointer can be used for array?
  5. What is called as dangling pointer?
  6. What is called as call by value and call by reference?
  7. What is called as preprocessor directives?
  8. Say any 3 built in functions that can be used for a string.(ans:strlen,strcmp,..etc.,)
  9. What is called as truncate in SQL?
  10. Difference between Truncate and delete.
  11. What is called as replace in SQL?
  12. What is called as stored procedure?
  13. What is called as trigger?
  14. What is called as thread in java?

And then the HR round. There are only two question and asked to say yes or no

  1. Are you ready to relocate?
  2. Are you ready for night shift?

They said thank you for the interview and cut the call. I was bit confused whether I did anything wrong .

On the eve of Christmas, the Santa gave me an wonderful gift. Guess…..

Hurraayyyyyy!! i got selected. I am waiting for the offer letter and excited to work.

Always “Expected the unexpected”. Always have faith inside you. Always believe you will get what is there for you. I am not just saying. This is my 21th company and this is my 7th technical round.

All the best folks. Believe in yourself


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