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TCS National Qualifier 2 Coding Question.

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2022
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You are given a string and your task is to print the frequency of each character.

Direction to Solve Problem:

1. Take string from STDIN.  


2. Get all different characters in give string using set(). 

set ={a, b, B, c, d, e}  # unordered set

3. Iterate for different characters ( len(set )) because we only need to print a character one time and it count in input sting  

range 0 to 5 i.e total 6 element

4. In every iteration take first character print it and its count.  

now for 0
input_string[0]  is 'a' and its count is 4

5 . Remove all occurrence of first character, this will make next character as 1st character.  

remove 'a' by replacing all 'a' in string by ""
new input string will be

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6. Repeat the same process, go to step 4. 

7. Either print value to STDOUT on each iteration (python3) or print in one go(python2), your output will be same as  



Input : aaaabbBcddee
Output :a4b2B1c1d2e2

Input :aazzZ
Output :a2z2Z1 


# Python2 code here
input_string = raw_input()
temp_string =""
for _ in range(len(set(input_string))):
    temp_string += input_string[0] + str(input_string.count(input_string[0])) 
    input_string = input_string.replace(input_string[0], "")
print "temp_string"


# Python3 code here
input_string = input()
for _ in range(len(set(input_string))):
    print(input_string[0]+str(input_string.count(input_string[0])), end ="")
    input_string = input_string.replace(input_string[0], "")

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