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TCS Ninja + Digital Interview Experience

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Online Assessment Round: It was almost a 3-hour-long exam proctored both by audio and video. Part one consisted of 3 sections – aptitude, logical reasoning, and verbal ability-based questions with easy to moderate difficulty. You can’t come back to previous questions once done. Time management is very crucial in this round. Part two consisted of 2 sections – same aptitude, reasoning, and verbal ability but fewer in numbers but hard in difficulty and two coding questions. The difficulty of coding questions was moderate to hard. Part 2 is not mandatory for Ninja candidates.

  • I was able to solve both the codes in the first NQT but due to some error, none of them got submitted.  The questions were easy that time – 
    • reverse a number and another one was based on a hashmap. 
  • In the second NQT, I was able to code both problems and also got submitted them successfully.
    •  These questions were quite hard – both from XOR operations using multiple Data Structures.

Ninja: After qualifying in the first NQT, I got shortlisted for the Ninja interview. The interview went for around 20 – 30 minutes. There were 3 panelists – Technical, Managerial, and HR. Also, there was another person just to check whether everything was going well or not as it was virtual.

The technical person was going through my resume and asking rapid questions. Questions went like this –

  • What do you mean by database? (DBMS mentioned in CV)
  • What is DBMS?
  • Difference b/w DBMS vs RDBMS?
  • DDL vs DML vs DCL vs TCL
  • What is indexing? 
  • Define relation schema.
  • What is data abstraction?
  • Basic questions on Python. (Language mentioned in CV)
  • 4 pillars of oops. (OOPS mentioned in CV)
  • Some questions about my hobbies. 

The HR asked some formal questions like –

  • Is there any issue in relocating?
  • Comfortable with night shifts or not?
  • Document verification and all.

Basically, all the questions he asked were mentioned in my resume. Just be ready with whatever you have written in your resume. After 15-20 days I got shortlisted and also received the offer letter.

Digital: After qualifying in the second NQT, I got a call for a Digital interview. This was a face-to-face interview. There were supposed to be 3 panelists same as Ninja but there was only two present. Maybe because I got the call to come in after waiting for around 5 hours in their office. Being totally exhausted I entered the interview room. They greeted me and asked me to drink some water as I was panting. They made me comfortable and also regretted the long waiting time as there were hundreds of students.

Technical :

  • Introduce yourself first.
  • Read the CV and asked which programming language I am comfortable with.
  • Questions on Python – 
    • List vs Tuple
    • Advantages of python
    • How memory is managed in python?
    • Decorators 
    • Why python is an interpreted language?
    • Slicing
  • Basic programming question-
    • Return the 3rd largest number of an array. I asked if there were any constraints or not, but he told me I can do any method. Also asked if the elements were all unique or not. He told me the numbers were unique. So I did this by using sorting. Then he asked not to use sorting. So I took 3 variables and by iterating through the array I solved that question. 
    • Bubble sort algorithm. 
      As I had a project on sorting visualizer he asked me to code bubble sort. This is a simple algorithm and managed to solve both questions in a few minutes.
  • Question from my projects –
    • I had a project on sorting visualizers. He asked me to write the code snippet. Also asked how it is different from other sorting visualizers. Also told me to write a bubble sort algorithm and explain it with an example.
    • I also developed a game in python. He asked me the logic behind it. I explained to him the Flood-Fill algorithm which I had used by sketching in the paper provided by them.
  • Questions on DBMS, same as asked in Ninja.
  • Questions from Github as I deployed my projects on Github. The questions were basic like –
    •  Commit
    •  Push
    •  Pull
    •  Git stash
    •  Git clone
  • You are given two tables. Show me all the joining techniques with SQL queries and return the outputs. (Took a long time tbh :p)
  • How to rename a column name in a table. I told using the RENAME command but forgot to mention the ALTER command.
  • Lastly asked me about my extracurricular activities. I am an Independent artist so a friendly discussion on music went on for around 10 minutes with both the TR and HR. 

HR :

  • Why TCS?
  • Why from core to TCS? (As I am from a core department)
  • CTO of TCS?
  • Asked about my offer on TCS Ninja.
  • Asked about my college and also about participation in various events.
  • Some situational-based questions.

Loved interacting with them. Overall it was a great experience. After 3 months I got a call from HR that I am selected for Digital and also received the offer letter a few days later.

Hope my experience will help you. Best of luck with your future endeavors!

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Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2023
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