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TCS Interview Experience | Codevita Season 8(Off-Campus)

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On 31st July TCS Codevita season, 8 interviews are being scheduled for my zone in Kolkata branch of TCS, Gitanjali park.
As I called for an interview, I entered in an interview room, there was a panel of three interviewers and one of them is an HR so basically both of the round Technical + HR is happening at a time.

Question Asked:

1) Interviewer: So hello good morning have a seat.
Me: I have taken my seat and said good morning to all of the interviewers.

2) Interviewer: so, Tell me about yourself.
Me: I introduced myself briefly.

Suggestion–>whenever you being asked to “tell me about yourself in an interview” . in reply you should always try to tell about your strong topics so that they can start the question from that topic. In my case, I have told that I like to do programming in c++ and also comfortable in DBMS in quick hand.

As I have a gap between studies so I have asked, there is a gap between studies why?. so I have replied with the actual reason.

3)Interviewer: How many types of the preprocessor in c++?
Me: I haven’t replied well because I haven’t study about it and didn’t expect that these types of theoretical question can be asked.
4)Interviewer: Tell me about the complex programming problem, have you ever solved in c++.
Me: As I told about the printing of the prime number within a range. and also explained that the brute force approach, in this case, takes O(n^2) time complexity and I have solved in O(nlog(log n)).

Suggestion—: for above question’s reply, please tell the interviewer that the question that you solved in your codevita contest is the complex programming question that I have ever solved. so that they can ask you the question about that program. and you can make a positive image on interviewer’s face.
5)Interviewers: Explain the statement of ATM problem(i have solved two questions among one of them is ATM Problem.) and it’s complexity, and which of the algorithm you have used to solve this question?
Me: I explained the problem statement and its complexity which was O(n^4) because I have used the brute force approach to solve this program.
6)Interviewer: Can you optimize your solution to the ATM problem?
Me: I replied that let me think… and after one minute I said that I thought about the optimization of this problem before but I haven’t got the optimized solution to this problem.
7) Interviewer: why have you used long long data type instead of int data type in your program?
Me: I replied that the test cases on which program is being checked had a large enough range which can’t be handled with the int data type.
8)Interviewer: why you used %p–>a modulo operator (p=10^9+7, given in program) in your program?
Me: I replied that as p is a large prime number and it is mentioned in the problem statement that output may be large so print output using the modulo operator so I used this operator so that result can be minimized and meet up with the requirement.

Suggestion—: As I haven’t used pen and paper to explain to modulo operator so they looked like unsatisfied with please use the conventional method to explain this type of questions.

9)Interviewer: Can we declare a function outside the main()? if we can do so then write a program using this convention?
Me: I said yes, we can declare a function outside the main function and I started writing a full program of display a message using this convention but he interrupted me said that only write the main function and declaring part so I have written as asked then another interviewer have seen my code and said are you sure this is the right code?. as I haven’t written return part of the main function so he asked me to add return part of the main they look unsatisfied with me because I have escaped return part of the code.

10) Interviewer: Beside c++, what subject do you know. I replied DBMS, so they start asking questions from DBMS.
1)how many types of DBMS?
me– I replied two types DBMS and RDBMS. then they asked the definition of DBMS but I didn’t reply well so a negative impact has created for me in Interviewers.

2) what is join and its type and write the query of join?
me– I have taken a example and explained left outer join, right outer join but I couldn’t explain full outer join so again interviewer looked unsatisfied.

11) finally HR asked about relocation and why would you like to work with TCS?
me– I said, I would like to work on some valuable project like Passport Seva and IRCTC. then again one of the technical interviewers told me that in passport Seva we only handle data entry so would you like to work in data entry job after cracking codevita contest, at that time I couldn’t speak…so one of them said …I am done. and my interview has finally ended.

Note:: At the time of the interview, please try to pull the interview towards yourself and do some research about the company and their current working projects. it will help you. try to make CV only with that content on which you can defend yourself.

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Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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