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TCS Interview Experience

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I am from Batch 2022. I gave the TCS NQT test last year in the month of September and in October I got mail that I cleared the exam and now my interview will be scheduled shortly. I got the mail for an interview and joined the meeting. There were three people for the interview each for HR, TR, and MR round. My interview started with self-introduction.

For TR Round the questions asked were:

  1. Self Introduction.
  2. Any Projects done
  3. I mentioned that I have knowledge of C, C++, HTML, and CSS so all the TR are questions were based on that only.
    1. Questions like Data types in C, Difference between call by value and call by reference,  Difference between stack and queue, OOPS concepts with examples, what is the value of A in hexadecimal, what is 0 and 1 in computer, tags in HTML.
  4. In my resume, I had mentioned the certifications, so questions were asked regarding that also like I had cybersecurity certification so from that some basic questions were asked.

For HR Round the questions asked were:

  1. Willing to relocate
  2. Do you have any backlogs
  3. Any gap in education
  4. What do you know about the company

For MR Round the questions asked were:

  1. If you get placed in a company with a higher salary than TCS then what will you do?
  2. If one of your teammates is not working properly and you have a deadline then what will you do?
  3. Can you work under pressure?

So all these questions were asked and after 1-2 weeks I got the result that I am selected for the TCS ninja hiring.

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Last Updated : 11 Feb, 2022
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