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TCS Interview Experience 2022

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To give some background, I was selected through TCS NQT and this interview was for TCS Ninja. Due to COVID, the entire interview was on video chat and in one go. Hence, all the rounds (TR, Managerial, HR) were in the same meeting. There were 3 panelists and the interview went on for half an hour. Before the interview, HR asks to share the academic documents.

Round 1: Technical round

  • Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself that is not mentioned in the resume.
  • Interviewer: What are your hobbies?
  • Me: Told various hobbies, but the interviewer’s interest peeked when I said “reading books”
  • Interviewer: What is your favorite book? And tell me a quote from that book.
  • Interviewer: What are your technical skills?
  • Me: C, Python, Data Structures, DBMS (and other stuff I can’t remember)
  • Interviewer: Who invented the C language?
  • Me: I’m sorry I can’t recall
  • Interviewer: What is the difference between arrays and structures?
  • Interviewer: What is a pointer? And tell me the difference between pass by reference and pass by value.
  • Interviewer: Which language is used in every field?
  • Interviewer: Wrong! It’s Python Starts to laugh
  • Interviewer: Tell me some differences between sets and dictionary
  • Interviewer: What are the basic Object-oriented programming concepts?
  • Interviewer: Explain encapsulation in detail
  • Interviewer: What is spaghetti programming in C?
  • Interviewer: Tell me any 5 latest news. Be quick! It’s rapid-fire!

Round 2: Managerial round:

  • Interviewer: Where are you from?
  • Interviewer: If I were new in your city, what would you tell me as do’s and dont’s for your city?
  • Interviewer: Explain your pre-final/final year project
  • Me: Told and explain all the algorithms used
  • Interviewer: Good. Now tell me how many airports are there in your state.
  • Me: Told but absolutely wrong
  • Interviewer: Alright! What is your rank in your college?
  • Me: Told

Round 3: HR round

  • Interviewer: Why you don’t want to study further?
  • Interviewer: What is your weakness?
  • Interviewer: Do you have any preference for programming languages? Or could you work with any technology?
  • Me: I’m okay with any technology
  • Interviewer: Alright! That’s the end, thank you!


  • Please read the news before the interview. Especially related to the company and politics. I told 2 news regarding the TCS stock market and one regarding the elections.
  • Even though it was only 3 out of 5, they gave a good response to that.

All the best!

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Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021
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