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TCS Interview Experience 2021

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  • Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2022

Q1. Tell me about yourself?

Ans. Then I declare my name, college name in which year currently I am studying and what were the internships I have done and where the skills I have and the project which I had done and what is my current project. 

If the interviewer asks about your family then only you otherwise there is no need to tell.

Q2. Then he asks about my particular language?

Ans. Then I said that I have preferred java. 

Q3. Then he asks me about the JVM, JDK, JRE definitions?

Ans.  then I told that the Jvm stand java virtual machine which includes the main class for  running the program 

Then JDK -: It includes all the necessary compilers, interpreters and Javadoc, javac for running the program, JRE for running the java program 

JRE-:  It includes all the functions, libraries to run the program 

Q4. Then he gives me the code for its output?

I easily answer it 

Q5. Then he asks me about my project?

Ans I explained to him about my project and what kind of things I can do on this project. 

Q6. does the interviewer also ask some questions through my resume?

Ans. That is why I would include basic python in it then I said that I don’t know so much about python. 

Q7. Then some HR questions were asked 

are you able to relocate?

I said yes 

Q8. Then who is the CEO of TCS?

I said RajeshGopinathh

Q9. Then ask about me the board of Director’s name?

 I named someone .

Q10. Then they ask me whether I would like to join through the office or work from home?

 I said that if the covid-19 is stopped or not much aggressive I would like to join through the office otherwise work from home. 

Then they Byee thank you 

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