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TCS Digital Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2023

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  • Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2022
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After clearing the first round of NQT exam an interview was scheduled of duration 40 min for a digital role in TCS, the panel consists of 4 members.

  • Have u done your breakfast?
  • Are u in hostel?
  • which block of hostel?
  • Tell me about your college experience of four years.
  • Explain me about your projects?
  • What is block chain technology? tell in simplest manner.
  • Why you think block chain will change the world?
  • What are the factors which are restricting the adoption of block chain technology?
  • What are some applications which developed with block chain?
  • What are your thinking about changing banks to block chain?
  • What are the other technologies you know?
  • Are you willing to exolpore ml/ai in future?
  • What is join?
  • Have you implemented normalization? What is it.
  • How you optimize a dsa problem? give example.

Then he directed to hr…

  • What is Parmarth (mentioned in resume)? What is your role? How it is functioning?  what is selection process etc.
  • What you have done in covid time?
  • What is your weakness and strengths?
  • You was in relocation in your school days as you mentioned. What was the challenges which You faced?
  • How you prepared for interview?
  • He directed to 3rd one
  • What is your CGPA?
  • Any backlog?
  • Do you have any experience?
  • Do you have any educational gap?
  • Any question for us?

Note: All my projects were in blockchain hence he asked me about this tech.

Tips; Be confident and honest in the whole interview. if you are saying no then give a proper reason if possible.

ex: I said I don’t have an interest in ai and ml because I am not good in statistics and the interviewer was very happy with my answer. Be honest while preparing a resume, and learn something about trending technologies.

result declared after 7 days to the last interview in my college.

verdict: Selected.

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