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TCS Digital Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2022
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Hello everyone! 

I will be sharing my entire experience in the recruitment process for TCS Digital’s offer in on-campus placement. 

Round 1 (TCS NQT): Since TCS NQT was conducted on-campus for our college, so we had to give the assessment in TCS Ion Centres. The assessment consists of around 88 questions with a time duration of 165 minutes. There were two parts: 

  1. Foundation Section (For Ninja aspirants)
  2. Advanced Section (For Digital Aspirants i.e. Both Advanced and Foundation sections needed to be attempted for getting shortlisted for TCS Digital)

According to me, Foundation Section had easy to medium-level questions, which can be solved if one had practiced aptitude on regular basis. For Advanced Section, aptitude questions were medium to hard-level. The programming questions were easy to understand but quite tricky to implement.

Round 2 (Interview): Almost a week later, the names of the shortlisted candidates were announced. From my college, around 290 students were shortlisted for the interview round of TCS Digital. We received the mail for interview timing just the night before the scheduled date along with the meeting link. The interview was conducted in Microsoft Teams. The interview panel consisted of three interviewers: one will conduct the technical round, the second will conduct the managerial round and the third will conduct the HR round.

After joining the meeting link, the HR interviewer took a picture of me along with my Aadhar card as a part of their formalities.

So, after that, my interview began. 

Technical Round: The first round was the technical round. The interviewer asked the most common question: “Tell me about yourself?”. Then he asked me some questions from my resume. Next, he asked me questions from DBMS like the explanation of ACID properties. I was able to explain all except the ‘D’. Then he asked me about the difference between Truncate, Delete and Drop commands. 

Later he asked me questions about OOPs. He asked me to just explain the OOPs concept. He also asked me about the access specifiers and also the difference between the private and protected access specifiers.  

Questions were also asked about Computer Networks. He asked me to name the OSI Model layers. 

He then asked me about the processes in Software Development Lifecycle and also asked me about the SDLC models. He also asked me an interesting question: “Which model have you used for developing projects?”. I told him that the projects which I have built previously were developed using the simple waterfall model and the current project which I am currently working on is being built using the Agile model. 

Then, he asked me the last question of the technical round about the services in Cloud along with an example. 

Managerial Round

This was a chilled round where the interviewer just asked me about how to deal with situations that may arise due to conflicts with colleagues. He also asked me questions about my short-term and long-term goals.

HR Round: This was also a chilled round where my interviewer asked me what is an ideal work environment according to me. She then asked me about my flexibility to relocate to any part of India.

So, with this, my interview came to an end. It lasted for nearly 45 minutes.

Almost a month later, I along with 95 students from my college got selected for TCS Digital.

Thanks a lot for reading!!!

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