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TCS Digital Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022

The Placement season started at VIT Vellore and after all the Slot 1 Super Dream companies hired the brightest minds, The IT Services companies started recruiting and TCS Digital was the first one to do so.

Round 1: Online Test

TCS Conducted an Online Test (All over India on the same day). The test consisted of the following:

  1. English Ability (15 mins): This section consisted of 15 MCQ questions from basic to medium level English comprehension along with synonyms, antonyms, reference to context, errors in sentences. If you did your high school from an English Medium school, this section will not cause any trouble for you at all. Nevertheless, one can practice these questions from the Internet.
  2. Quantitative Aptitude (40 mins): This section consisted of 15 MCQ questions and the difficulty level was from Medium to Hard. No shortcut tricks used in general CAT Aptitude preparation would help you here. Just follow the basic general way to solve the question, it’ll take some time but yeah you’ll end up with the correct answer. Focus on topics like Probability, Permutation and Combination, Time speed distance, Data interpretation, Time and Work, Averages, Number systems, profit & loss, SI & CI and you’ll be good to go. Practice a good no. of questions so that you have a good grasp of the concepts. Do not bluff because there’s negative marking and competition lies in this section itself.
  3. Hands-on Coding (1 hour): This Section consisted of 2 coding questions to be solved. The first question was the opposite of and the second question involved Dynamic Programming. The Coding round was not that tough but someone without the knowledge of Dynamic Programming would surely have a tough time.

Over 4000 students appeared for the exam from my college and around 1000 students got the mail for the interview.

Round 2: Technical Interview +Managerial Interview + HR

The panel consisted of three leaders from TCS for the respective interviews.

  1. Technical Interview: The interviewer started with questions like what’s your biggest technological take from the ongoing pandemic?. He carried on to ask me OOPS concepts, some basic DBMS and we had a healthy discussion on digital technologies like IoT, Cloud Computing, AI, ML, Blockchain, etc. He then gave me a scenario-based question where I needed to explain the concept of VPN and come up with a solution. Since I am from ECE, he also asked plenty of questions on IoT, Big data, and Cloud computing. He then gave me a question to code and it was an ArrayList concept-based. The Overall difficulty of the tech round was a little above medium. Someone with no prior knowledge about digital technologies will have a very hard time.
  2. Managerial Interview: The interviewer took up my CV and started asking questions about my past internships and projects. make sure you thoroughly know about it because anyhow you’ll be asked questions on it. Do not memorize the answers and do not show up like you are desperate for the job. The managerial round was pretty easy because the whole time the interviewer focused on my CV and I had not put any false things on it xD.
  3. HR Interview: The interviewer asked me about my hobbies, favorite pass times, and how I miss college. He was very friendly and we discussed some stuff related to TCS. He answered all my questions and it was a kind of a short interview.

Out of the 1000 students who were interviewed, only 310 were selected, and luckily I was one of them.

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