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TCS Digital Interview Experience

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My TCS interview for the digital profile was on 27th September. The interview was happening in two phases:

The first technical round was Online and the HR round was Offline. 

Technical Interview: In the Technical round, there were 2 panelists: MR and the Technical interviewer. The technical interviewer(as mentioned in Python, and SQL in my resume) asked me about Tuples, List, the Difference between Delete and Truncate, and Why I prefer to code in python.

  • What is the Time Complexity of Bubble sort, Quick sort?  
  • Which sorting is done by the sort() command in Python? 
  • Why linked list is not Non-Linear? 
  • Some real-life examples of lists and tuples.
  • After the Technical Round, the MR started to ask about me. 
  • What would I do if there is a conflict between team members?
  • Have I faced any difficulties while completing my project? 
  • What do I prioritize more?
  • How I am going to handle work-life balance in case of extra work? 
  • Are you rigid or flexible?

After The MR there was an HR round which was Offline.

HR Round:  I have to reach HR and wait for my name to be called out for the HR round.

 As my name was called I entered the cabin the HR told me to sit and comfort myself. She asked me to introduce myself in the middle of the intro she stopped me and asked my percentage from 10 till now and asked me to do I have any offer letter from any other company I said no then she told that she is giving me a positive response and told that now you don’t have to give any further interview you will have one offer letter hope you will join us.

After about a month and a half, I got the offer letter from TCS Nextstepportal.

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Last Updated : 30 Jan, 2023
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