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TCS DIgital Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2022
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TCS conducted 2 upgrade challenges to all Ninja profiles of the 2022 batch in march and May months. I got a digital profile in march upgrade

First Round: The first round happened on 13-mar-2022 and it consist of aptitude and coding questions. 2hrs for aptitude and the remaining 1 hr of coding section. The aptitude section consists of verbal, quants, and aptitude the difficulty level is medium and codings are a little bit difficult but I solved both questions in 30 mins.

Second Round: 25 days later after the written test, I got a mail that I selected for an interview and it is scheduled after 2 days I revised the things that I kept in my resume, and 10 min before the interview I joined the meeting the total 4 members are present in the interview the HR verified my ID card and then Technical discussion is started.

TR Round: TR saw my resume and told me that I mentioned Java, Oops, Phyton, and Dbms. I replied “yes” then he asked some questions like:

  1. What is polymorphism?
  2. What is Encapsulation?
  3. What are different types of polymorphism?
  4. Why multiple Inheritance is not supported in Java?
  5. He then jumped to core subjects in ECE because I am from ECE background and asked about my favorite subject I told him digital design
  6. Asked about some basics like a conversion from SR to JK flipflop, Moore, and mealy machines?
  7. Explain why do u want a digital profile.
  8. What is cloud computing?
  9. Code for Fibonacci series using recursion?
  10. Finding the number of elements between min and max number in an array?

Then he said that interview on my side is completed and MR takes the interview

MR Round:

  1. Explain collections in Java?
  2. He then asked 1 logical question how to measure 45 min by two identical wires u can find this puzzle In GFG.
    I gave him three approaches 1 st two approaches are exactly not correct but he said good and third approach I told correct answer.
  3. Explain about project?
  4. Since I used “probability” word in the project explanation he asked Baye’s theorm with real time example and I explained it.

There is no HR round. After 23 days result is declared

Verdict: Selected

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