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TCS Digital Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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After NQT results came I was shortlisted for NINJA TOPPERS TEST also called as DIGITAL test which is written round and it  consists of 2 coding questions, which are at easy-medium levels. I solved 2 of my codes and some of my friends who solved 1 problem also got chance for interview.

One of the questions I got is similar to this: 

Basically It will happens in two ways TR+MR+HR at a time for mine first TR+MR and next day the HR round happened.

TR+MR: It starts with greetings and then they take snap of mine along with govt ID proof. Obviously next will be my self introduction. There were 2 panelists.


  • What is your favourite subject, I said java. He started asking questions on java.
  • What are the data types available in java
  • What is inheritance, asked specifically about multilevel, there I explained with an example.
  • What are Exceptions how will you handle them. 
  • Again asked does exceptions occurs while compiling,  I said yes and gave an example.
  • Asked about oops concepts
  • Polymorphism
  • Dynamic memory allocation in C (malloc, calloc)
  • He asked do You know UNIX
  • I said not too much sir, but I have gone through UNIX as part of my academic curriculum. 
  • Next He asked what grep command and it types of it
  • What is cat and tac commands 

Interviewer 2:

  • Questions on one of my projects, which was mentioned in my resume.
  • Asked query to how to create a table;
  • One query related to project, which is similar to getting 2nd highest salary in a table.
  • Then he started asking  some managerial questions like,
  • What is your greatest aspirations, here I told about my dream goal  and told that I would like join TCS as my 1st preference, Then he again asked why you choose specifically TCS. I gave proper answer with examples.
  • Any higher studies plans
  • Will you leave TCS after 5 years if you get better opportunity suggest your answer.
  • He ended with Do you have any questions? 
  • I suggest you don’t hesitate to ask the questions let them know that you are very much interested in joining the company with your questions etc.

HR: Next day the HR was came and I was tensed a little bit because I’m the last person prior to the lunch, that’s why I allowed lately into the interview lobby (The interviewer told me). Even I try to pretend myself to be confident, but the interviewer found and asked why are feeling tension, and I mentioned the reason. 

  • He asked me to introduce myself in 2 lines
  • Discussion on higher studies
  • Favorite subject and why?
  • CEO of TCS
  • About AIR INDIA(Owned by TATA group recently)
  • Relocation, any Backlogs, Service agreement, percentages(X, XII, B.TECH)
  • The surprising one is that he asked me to rate himself out of 10 and I gave 8/10 then he asked why 8 why not 10 and asked to advise him what will I improve, I managed myself with my answer at the time but he is very friendly.
  • He finally ended with Do you have any questions?
  • after 18 days I got my results

Verdict: Selected

P.S: We need not be James bond in our technical stuff just basic knowledge is enough and make the interview more interactive rather question and answers session. 

I hope this will help you.

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