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TCS Digital Interview Experience

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Branch: Electronics and Communication Engineering

I had my TCS interview on 23rd November 2020. I am from the ECE branch. Firstly, I gave the TCS nqt test and on the basis of nqt score, some students were qualified for the digital exam and some for nqt Interview. I was qualified for the digital exam. I gave that and got a mail for digital Interview.

In my digital Interview, as it was a virtual interview all the three Tech, HR and MR were there, and we had only one interview.

Questions I was asked


  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Projects i have done (c, core java)
  3. OOPS, concept
  4. What is polymorphism? And why or how it is used
  5. What is abstract class?
  6. What is overriding?
  7. What is final variable?
  8. What does finally block do?
  9. What are the access modifiers? What is protected? If class B inherits class A, class C inherits class B then can we access members of class A in class C for protection.
  10. Do you know database?


  1. Have you ever used or worked with UI or in any backend technology?
  2. If your team lead is not giving you a reply or proper attention due to personal grudges, what will you do?
  3. How will you cop up with it/comp field students as you are from the ECE branch?
  4. Do you have master’s plan?
  5. Which the latest technologies do you know?


  1. Are you okay with the service agreement?

And just verified my documents.

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Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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