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TCS Digital Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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TCS came to our campus for hiring as part of its Premium College Hiring process recently.

Round 1: Online test. The test consisted of two parts-

  • English: 15 questions in 10 minutes. Questions were from topics such as synonym/antonym, critical thinking, passage-based questions. The level of the questions was from easy to medium. 
  • Aptitude: 25 questions in 40 minutes. Questions were from Simple Interest, Profit Loss, Permutations and combinations, Blood relations, etc. The level of the questions was from medium to hard.

This round was not an elimination round. There was negative marking in this round as well.

Round 2: Coding Test. This round was held on TCS own platform. The same platform is used for TCS Codevita. There were two questions in this test.

  1. This was an easy level question based on Math.
  2. This was a medium level question based on string manipulation.

After both rounds shortlisting came after 2 weeks. From around 500 students 67 were selected for interview.

Round 3: Interview. This round was held on MS Teams and started with a basic introduction. There were 3 panelists who were interviewing.

Questions asked:

  1. Why C++. Difference between C++ and C.
  2. What’s constructors. Why are they used? Syntax of writing a constructor.
  3. What is OOPS. Explain 4 pillars of OOPS along with examples.
  4. What is foreign key, candidate key and primary key.
  5. Different sorting algorithms.
  6. What is big data, machine learning, IoT? (They do not expect formal definitions. Support your answers with examples)
  7. They gave some code snippets and asked whether the code is right or wrong.  Also some output prediction questions. These questions were a little tricky.
  8. They also asked to write a code in an online compiler. In my case the code was based on Binary Search. 
  9. A brief discussion about the projects mentioned in the resume.
  10. This round went for around 30 minutes. After this there was HR round in which following questions were asked-
  11. About relocation.
  12. Plans for further study
  13. Different products of TCS
  14.  If any issue working in shifts
  15. Inquired whether I had any backlogs or year gaps.

This round went for around 10 minutes.

After around a week results were announced and 12 were selected for TCS Digital profile, and I was one of them.

Tips: For digital profile focus on Data Structures and Algorithms, projects, brief about new technologies like Machine learning, big data, IOT, AI ect.

Speak confidently in the interview and be clear with your answers.

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