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TCS CodeVita Interview Experience (Season 10)

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  • Last Updated : 23 May, 2022
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Every year TCS conducts its prestigious annual coding competition called Codevita. TCS has huge prize money for the winners, also eligible participants get interview calls from TCS. 

Let us see my complete experience throughout this process.

Round 1: Codevita has 6 problems which range from easy to medium difficulty level in Round 1. We have 24 hours for the round and you can solve the problems in any 6-hour slot. So, I gave round 1 on 25th March 2022 and could solve 3 problems, and the solution to the 4th problem was accepted on public test cases but not on private ones. With that, I was pretty sure that I was going to get an interview call. But the results came first and I got a rank of 625.

P.S I was also qualified for Round 2 of Codevita.

Round 2: I thought I would get the interview call before round 2 but that did not happen. Then came round 2 of codevita on 15th-16th April. I could solve only 1 problem this time. The problems were medium to hard level. They were not as straightforward as they were in Round 1.

The results for Round 2 came and I stood 841 but only the top 30 were moved to finals.

Interview: Then finally the interview email came on April 26th saying that my interview will be scheduled on the 5th or 6th of May 2022. I quickly started preparing. I then got an email on the 4th saying that my interview details will be sent by that day night if it was on the 5th or the 5th night if it was on the 6th. I received another email on the 5th evening with the meeting link, time slot, and all. The meeting slot was from 3:30 to 5:30. So, I joined the meeting link at 3:30 and after waiting for nearly 2 hours in the lobby, they let me in at 5:10. 

Interview Starts…

So, there were three people in the meeting. And firstly the HR asked me to show the ID proof, all of them turned on their cameras and he took a photo. Then they turned off their camera. One of the panelists asked me to introduce myself and I gave a good long introduction about myself. Then one of the panelists started my technical round which went as follows.

Technical Round: 

  1. Do you know about python?
    I am good with basics but didn’t work much on it. Worked mostly on JS and C++.
  2. Write the code for bubble sort in c++
  3. In JS, if there is a variable and you console.log(x), what happens?
    Explained two cases within browser environment and nodejs environment
  4. In JS, you have X = 5 and Y = “Hi”, what will be the output for console.log(X+ Y);
    Answered 5Hi and also told about java-script being dynamically types and problems
  5. What are explicit and implicit typecast?
  6. In JS, how will you convert a string into an array of characters?
    Got a bit confused but answered
  7. What are static methods?
  8. Can a friend class call a static method?
    I was not sure of this but still answered what I felt at that time
  9. What is NaN and when does it occur?
    Answered that it means Not a number

Then the round was over and the panelist asked another mam to take over that was the managerial round and here is how it went.

Managerial Round:

  1. She said that she was very impressed by the achievements I had.
  2. Asked, what was my best academic achievement till now? I told about my competitive exam ranks but concluded that whatever I have learned till now was the most commendable thing for me
  3. Gave me a scenario where there was an associate who joined TCS and took 6 months of training with them and just before joining the project, he got a very good offer but he didn’t go for it and stayed at TCS itself. Was that a good decision answered
  4. What would you do if you were at his place


Then came the HR Round. HR seemed to be a senior employee.

HR Round:

  • He also sounded impressed with all my answers.
  • He just verified that I meet all the criteria for joining TCS
  • Told me about a 12-month minimum work thingy and a 50000 penalty to leave before that.
  • And he was done with it.
  • I asked if they had some message or feedback for me? HR said that they can’t give any official feedback but he gave some general feedback which was pretty positive.

Overall the interview went very positive and I loved the experience.

Results of the Interview: Waiting

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