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TCS CodeVita Interview Experience 2022

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  • Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2022
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I am a 2023 Pass Out, so this is like a PPI to me and was provided as PPO to me.

Round 1: It was a 6-hour coding round, the questions are based on basic concepts:

  • Binary Search Dynamic Programming Greedy/Adhoc String Manipulation. 

Answered 2.5/6 questions and secured a rank of 923.

Round 2: It was also a 6-hour coding round with advanced concepts:

  • Number Theory DP and Bit Masking Trees/Graphs Two Pointers/Sliding Window

Answered 2/8 questions and Secured a rank of 70.

Interview Round:

Questions asked:

This was not exact, but this is the closest I can get. I was asked to implement this on a compiler which I did pretty easily.

  1. Pointers Basic
  2. Radix Sort(Pseudo Code)
  3. Dynamic Programming and Binary Search(LeetCode Question)
  4. DBMS Basics(Transactions, IN Query to be specific)
  5. Subqueries Advanced
  6. Advanced Technologies:
    1. Big Data(Just Intro)
    2. Machine Learning(Questions like real-life problems)
    3. Cloud Computing(Kubernetes Specific)
  7. HR Questions(Common Ones)
  8. Project Ideas

HR Questions:

  • Introduce Yourself
  • How much do you rate yourself in problem-solving? (This was asked to me because I mentioned my coding profiles.)
  • Can you relocate?
  • Will your parents allow that?
  • How much flexible are you?
  • If you are provided with a different technologies, the one that you do not know, will I be willing to do that?

Project Questions:

  • What was your target audience while planning the project?
  • Is it fully functional?
  • What role did you play?

Offered: TCS Digital

Offer Accepted

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