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TCS Codevita 7 2018 Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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CodeVita 7: Round 1 of Zone 2 started on 10 August, and result were declared on 16 August, along with result I got invitation for interview scheduled for 18 Aug 2018, at Galaxy Park, Industrial Area, sector 63, Noida, since only 1 day given for preparation for interview. I would suggest if you have solved one question in CodeVita, there is 95% chance that you will get interview call, so prepare beforehand.

I was called at 10:00 AM, but I reached the TCS office by 8:30, at that time only 1-2 students where present, at 10:00 AM, our TCS application where submitted to them, and just after submitting application letter, they started calling participants. Interview takes places in a big area, I think it was there cafeteria, at all table, 2-3 interviewee present, and our name was calling and we have to go to a table in which we are guided. Here’s a tip always reach the place of interview before time, it will help you to get comfortable , and your interview will takes place early, as 1000 of students are coming there will be so much rush.

My name was called for interview and was guided to go to last table, At my table there was three people together, HR, MR and Technical all 3 things went together, for some people HR, MR, Technical occurs in different rounds. It totally depends upon panellist.

I was too nervous that even I don’t recognise which one is HR, MR and Technical interviewee.

Below goes a summary of that Interview.

Q] Are you nervous, do you want any water?

Q] How was your day?
I told them, I was excited as it was my first interview.

Q] Tell us about, your self?
I started telling I about me, but due to nervousness, I got blank in the middle, even I don’t know what i was saying, but finished my introduction somehow. Here’s a tip, practise a a lot these common question with your friends or alone by making video, Because these question will always gonna be asked.

Q] You solved one question in CodeVita, What was the problem and your approach?
I told them problem statement and the approach I followed.

Q] Write pseudo-code to sort an array using any sorting algorithm?
At that time only selection sort came in my mind, so I explained it.

Q] Which sorting is best, why?
I told them heap sort, but why i was confuse I told them because of its complexity.

Q] Any project in Java?
As I mentioned java in my introduction, they asked me any project I had done in java, I told them no, but later I realised, I have done a small android project which was in java, but at that time I said them no I don’t.

Q] Tell us about your project?
I told them, I have two minor projects, one in android and one in machine learning.

Q] What was your machine learning project?
I explained it, as it was very basic.

Q] What was the use-case of this project?
As, this was very basic project, I told them I made it just for learning purpose.

Q] Would you join Microsoft, if you will get chance?
I told them, no. But they asked me, why Microsoft provides you best opportunities, I just don’t know what to say here. Always ready for this type of questions.

Q] Tell us about your strength?
I told them my strengths, but they asked why this is your strength, I told them a story. So always prepared with a story to back your answers.

Q] If you get selected will you give your job to your friend?
In my strength, I said, I was kind, so they ask me this question was I am enough kind to give my job friend. I told them no, and why not.

Q] Would you work in any shifts, or in any area?
Yes, then they told me all things are on recording so say wisely, I told them I have no problem in night shits or problem of reallocation.

Q] You will need to sign a bond at time of training of 50k, because we spent a lot in your training and if you leave before 1 year you have to pay.
I replied yes, I understand.

Q] Do you have any questions for us?
I asked them about my feedback, they told me don’t do that, you will see it in result, also after that i asked them on which area you guys are working he told me I work in TCS, I was asking about technology but that word isn’t coming in my mind, lastly i provided options like web, android, they replied in TCS you have to work in all technology.


My whole body is feeling warm, after that, they told me I can leave for now and result will be announced in next week, some student were called for multiples round, but that does not indicate you are not selected.

On 30 August, Result were declared, and Luckily I was Selected, and got offer for digital round also whose test will be conducted on 16 September, package for digital round was 7 lac even if i get rejected in digital round my codeVita offer will be still valid. From my college out 40 approx 30 students get selected. One of them directly get digital package of 7 lac.
Here, selection also depends on Luck, on which panellist you were assigned and what they are asking and how much question you solved in codevita. Because when result came some of good students were not selected.

Here’s a tip, don’t try to lie there keep smile on your face, take time to give your answers and be confident, and practise as much as you can : )


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