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TCS Codevita 2022 Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 04 Jul, 2022
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I appeared for Codevita Season 10 during 3rd year. It is a 24-hour online programming contest open for students from the batch of 2021 to 2024.
Round 1: As I was from Zone 1, so Round 1 was held on 11-12th March. Each participant will get a 6-hour window to solve 6 questions.
The questions I got were:

  • Web Pages – a simple graph problem to find the pages linked
  • String and Subset – to find the rank of a subset in all possible set
  • Vaccination Planning – medium graph problem to assign different groups to different nodes
  • Docstore Online – array manipulation
  • College Rank2 – dictionary-based grouping and use of Priority Queue
  • Time Travel – medium-hard level

There was a server error during the last hours of the competition, for almost 2 hours, the site was not loading so the contest was extended by one hour.
I solved Web Pages and College Rank 2 completely.  
On 6th April, TCS announced results for Round 1(Zone 1 and Zone 2  combined), about 5000 participants cleared Round 1. Those who have submitted even one question correctly are selected. Please refrain from copying anyone’s code, as there is a strict plagiarism check done by them.

Round 2 was held on 15-16th April. There were a total of 8 questions and 6 hours were given to solve them.
I solved 1 question completely and another question partially.
On 21st April, Round 2 was declared, and about 2000 participants submitted at least one question. I got a 1411 rank, Top 30 advanced to Grand Finale.
On the 26th of April, I got a mail from TCS to create an application form on TCS NextStep Portal.
On 5th May, I received a mail stating that my interview is set up for tomorrow. The interview timings were 11:40 AM to 12:15 PM.

Interview 1: I joined the meeting through a link at 11:30 but was allowed in the meeting around 12. There were 4 people in the meeting, one for each, Technical, Managerial, HR, and Coordinator. As soon as I joined the Coordinator introduced himself and asked me to show my AADHAAR card as they had to take a screenshot of it. The interview went like this. How’s the day, what have you done since morning, and introduction. He introduced me to the other 3 interviewers and told me if you do good in one then only I will consider for the next.

Interview 2 (Technical): He again asks me to introduce myself. Then asks me about some of my projects. About the questions, I solved in Round 1 and Round 2 (just a brief about them and how I solved them). Then he tested me with some basic technical questions related to Python and DBMS. Later he asks me how as a Software Engineer will I help society. I started by analyzing the situation of Covid and post-Covid, and how technology has brought reforms to various things in our life. He asked the next person to take over.

Interview 2 (HR): He picked up on the topic of Covid, and we had a detailed conversation about it. He assessed me by asking, how I kept my calm during the covid? What more could we have done? How will you be helpful in such conditions?
During the conversation, I stated about the health infrastructure in India, he then asked me, What I think of the Indian government and how well they did their job to control covid. I briefly explained the scenario and my ideas regarding it.
Then some generic HR questions like, What is your strength? He gave me a couple of scenarios to see what will be my reaction and action towards it. It went on for about 20 minutes. He then asked the next person to take over.

Interview 3 (Managerial): He started with the question, Why TCS? I tried to give a very brief yet detailed answer, highlighting the few important things about TCS. He then asks me what are your future goals. In my answer, I said that I will be looking to gain experience and probably be leading a team of my own in near future.
He then told me that I want to be a Project Manager, and later asked me what are the roles of a Project Manager and what an ideal Project Manager should be? He then gave me a situation where I am the Project Manager and my team has been reduced to half, what will I do in such a situation?

After that, the Coordinator said to me that, it is very good to see that you knew so much about the Covid and has knowledge about your surrounding. He then asked me about my academic details. Since I scored 90%+ in 10th and 12th and my current CGPA was 8.2, he asked me why is there such a difference and how much importance I gave to the marks now? I gave the reasons for that and told that although I still work hard to gain maximum marks but not take unnecessary pressure I would be taking during my school days. He was satisfied with my answer.
He then gave me instructions about the relocation policy and working environment of TCS. He later asked me if I had some questions to ask the panel. I asked about the current technologies and projects which I will be working on. He then asked me to mail my 10th and 12th mark sheet and TCS Application form, we were already given instructions to keep the document ready in a particular format.
The total interview went for about 40 to 45 minutes.

On the 6th of June, I received another mail from TCS to send the above documents again for the selection process.
And on the next day, I finally got my first Offer Letter. I was given the Digital Profile.
About 56 students from my college got invited for interviews and 48 (10 Digital and 38 Ninja ) were selected.


  • Many of my friends were interviewed once again for HR Round, three to four later after their first round, most of them previously had only 2 interviewers. Some of them had 3. 
  • The leaderboard system of TCS is a little bit different as it provides no concrete criteria for ranking. Moreover, some participants getting better ranks in Round 1 were not invited to the interview process.
  • Try to maintain a positive approach during the interview and correlate your answer with good information which you want the interviewers to know.

Hope this gives you a better idea of how to approach Codevita as it is a great platform for beginners to get a placement opportunity in 3rd year itself.

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