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Target Corporation Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

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Round-1: Online Test

10 objective questions and 1 coding question.

objectives were from Data structures, Java, operating system, c.

Que. Given source(x1,y1) and destination (x2,y2), you can move

only (x1+y1,y1) or (x1,x1+y1).Print “yes” if it is possible to

reach from source to destination otherwise “No”.

Input: source(1,3), destination(9,4)

Output: Yes.

Explanation: (1,1+3) —> (1+4,4)—->(5+4,4)=(9,4).

Round-2: Technical

1.Brief discussion about project(table used in project and discussion about Primary key)

2.OOPS concepts in details.

3. How subqueries work.

4. How will you increase memory size if it is allocated already and how much maximum size you can increase?

5. Discussion about joins in details and finally, he gave me 2 tables and asked result after performing left outer join.

6. what is Correlated subquery.

7. Sql query- Student (rollno, name), Marks (Rollno, subject, marks) , print details of students who is having more than 70 marks.

8. what is the binary search.

9. what is DBMS.

10.what is partitioning.

11.what is data structure and types of data structure.

Round-3: Technical +HR

1. He asked me to tell something.

I asked that what should I tell about myself or company, then he told that impress me (He was expecting that what are the qualities in me, which is suitable for the company).

2. what is normalization.

3. what is 1NF, 2NF, 3NF.

4.He gave me a table which was not in 1NF and asked to break it such that it satisfies properties of 1NF.

5. write the program to check a string is a substring of other not.

6. what are the types of database.

7. why should I hire you.

8. why should I not hire you.

9. which type of team members you want to work with.

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Last Updated : 11 Sep, 2017
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