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Tally CodeBrewers Interview Experience for SDE (Off-Campus) 2022

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Tally CodeBrewers 2022 was a hackathon conducted by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in July 2022, 

Round 1: MCQ and Coding Questions

  • DSA, OOPS, Logical Reasoning, Math, DBMS
  • Easy to Medium Questions
  • One was similar to N-Queens
  • Another was Easy level

Round 2: Virtual Demo of Project

  • We were given a project, we have to give a demo 2 times a day for 3 Days to the assigned mentor
  • We were selected by our mentor for the final round.

Round 3: Final Demo of Project. My team “Tech-Buzz” was the finalist in that hackathon. We were invited to take interviews for the SDE role in Tally. Total Participations: 3000+

Selected for Interviews: 40 to 50 (my guess)

Round 1 (TR) 29-Aug-2022

  • Introduction 
  • What is spring
  • Features of spring framework
  • Oops pillars 
  • Code:
  • Implement the oops concept in C++
  • TCP vs UDP
  • Multitasking broadcasting
  • Any Questions?

Thank you

Round 2 (TR) 17-09-2022

  • What is my favorite subject?
  • Different types of Databases 
  • What is DDL (real-life example)
  • Few queries on Joins
  • Indexing (real-life examples)
  • The life cycle of the C++ program


Any questions?
Thank you

STATUS: Selected!!


  • For Hackathon
    • Always follow the advice of the mentor.
    • Try to handle exceptions
    • Be confident
  • For Interviews
    • Never Lie in your resume
    • Be confident
    • Always talk with the interviewer
    • Don’t tell the optimized approach at the beginning.
    • Never say “No” to “Any Questions?”


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Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2022
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