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Round IThe First Round was an online coding round where two very simple DSA questions were asked. The duration of the test was 1 hr… Read More
How I applied: Through LinkedIn There were a total of 3 rounds of interviews. Round 1: Pre-screening Round Tell me about yourself. Project Discussion Reverse… Read More
Application Process: Zomato hires only via referrals so develop a good profile and ask for a referral. I applied using Referral and then got a… Read More
This is an On-campus hiring round. The total process consisted of an online coding round and a F2F interview round. Round 1: This is an… Read More
The whole process consisted of one coding round and 3 interview rounds. Due to covid, the whole process was virtual. Online Coding Round: It was… Read More
Interviewed in Nov-2020. Around 1.5 Years of Exp. Short and Crisp Interview. No Online Test F2F Online Interview Brief discussion of projects on CV and… Read More
I applied for the SDE1 backend position. The overall interview experience was quite smooth and the interviewers were very kind. Round 1: I was asked… Read More
I applied On-Campus and my interview happened at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic and the whole process was online. Resume Shortlisting was done and… Read More
Round 1(Problem Solving+Discussion on Past Work 1.5hrs) Reverse words in a sentence. Two words are separated by one or more spaces Example:  "ab cd efg”… Read More
Finally, I had my interview at Zomato. So interestingly after asking this question myself, I am the first one to answer it! Before sharing my… Read More
There were three rounds out of which two were system design based and third one was engineering manager round. Round 1: Questions asked in first… Read More
Interview happened at Zomato Media Private Limited Gurgaon office. Only 1 round happened. 1- first question was implement shuffle method for music player such that… Read More
Round 1: 1. Basics of Elasticsearch and how did you use it in your current company project, as i had mentioned it in my skills.… Read More
Test • 8 MCQs (based on classes, OOPs, output questions, time complexity, DBMS, OS) • A question which was based on finding the sum of… Read More

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