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Given two numbers as strings. The numbers may be very large (may not fit in long long int), the task is to find sum of… Read More
Given an array of integers (both odd and even), sort them in such a way that the first part of the array contains odd numbers… Read More
Given a sorted array of positive integers, rearrange the array alternately i.e first element should be the maximum value, second minimum value, third-second max, fourth-second… Read More
Given two arrays, the task is that we find numbers which are present in first array, but not present in the second array.  Examples : … Read More
We are given an array of n distinct numbers. The task is to sort all even-placed numbers in increasing and odd-placed numbers in decreasing order.… Read More
Given an even number (greater than 2 ), print two prime numbers whose sum will be equal to given number. There may be several combinations… Read More
Zoho is one of the esteemed company with a unique style of intake i.e it takes a candidate only on the capability and strength on… Read More
Number of days – 2 Total number of students applied – 250 Round 1: 15 C Output and 10 Normal Aptitude. 10 C Output– 1… Read More
Round 1: First round is a written test. This is different from the other company written tests which I had faced till now. This round… Read More
Round-1 (aptitude test) This was unlike other aptitude tests. It contained output based questions. Questions were mainly based on logic and loops. Round-2(coding) They gave… Read More
It was an off­-campus drive. More than 1000 people appeared for the drive. ROUND 1: This round had 15 aptitude questions which were easy. The… Read More
The selection process consists of 5 rounds and there were almost 350 people came for the process. Round 1: This round consists of 15 c… Read More
The selection process is based on 5 rounds which lasted for 2 days. Round 1 and Round 2 held on the first day and the… Read More
Given a Roman numeral, the task is to find its corresponding decimal value. Example :  Input: IX Output: 9 IX is a Roman symbol which… Read More
Recently ZOHO visited our campus for recruitment and i would like to share my experience. Thanks to geeksforgeeks which contributed to most of my preparations..… Read More

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