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A surpasser of an element of an array is a greater element to its right, therefore x[j] is a surpasser of x[i] if i <… Read More
Job Profile : System Engineer (on Campus) Round-1: Pen and paper test was conducted.There were about 30 MCQ’s. 4 aptitude and 26 technical questions.Technical questions… Read More
Given a stack, sort it using recursion. Use of any loop constructs like while, for, etc is not allowed. We can only use the following… Read More
Puzzle: Two trains are on same track and they are coming toward each other. The speed of the first train is 50 km/h and the… Read More
Serialization is to store tree in a file so that it can be later restored. The structure of tree must be maintained. Deserialization is reading… Read More
Given an array of 1s and 0s which has all 1s first followed by all 0s. Find the number of 0s. Count the number of… Read More
Given a stream of characters, find the first non-repeating character from the stream. You need to tell the first non-repeating character in O(1) time at… Read More
“Persistence is what got me this far”, says Prabha Satya, Yahoo!’s recent hire for Software Development. Lately Yahoo! is also actively hiring other than acquiring… Read More
I would like to express my gratitude towards the GeeksforGeeks team, whose help saw me through to Amazon’s interview rounds and getting placed at Yahoo.… Read More
Given three strings A, B and C. Write a function that checks whether C is an interleaving of A and B. C is said to… Read More
Given a number n, write an efficient function to print all prime factors of n. For example, if the input number is 12, then the… Read More
Given a number, find the next smallest palindrome larger than this number. For example, if the input number is “2 3 5 4 5”, the… Read More
Hi, I am Saurav Biswas, from IIT Kharagpur, currently doing my PhD in Machine Learning in Germany. I got hired at Yahoo SDC, India, in… Read More
First of all a big thanks to the geeksforgeeks team. It has been the biggest help in my preparation. Till 5th july i could not… Read More
Following are the details of my Yahoo interviews. Date of Interviews: 28th July 2012 No of Rounds: 1 aptitude test, 1 lab test, 2 technical… Read More

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