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Round-1: Coding Round (90 mins): This online round consists of 4 sections First Section Consists of Logical Reasoning which will test your general ability like… Read More
Round 1 The first round consisted of 60 MCQ questions (60 mins) including aptitude which was majorly comprised of Quants and a verbal section of… Read More
The genc elevate can be given by CS, IT, and ECE. The other branches can apply for Genc. Round 1: This round has 3 coding… Read More
MathWorks visited our campus in July 2022 for FTE, Engineer or Associate in Engineering Development Group (EDG) role. Round 1 – Online Coding Round (Duration:… Read More
About Company Barclays is a global British bank located in London, England. Barclays is divided into two divisions: Barclays UK and Barclays International, which are… Read More
Technical Round 1: Total Duration: 1hr 5 mins: Interviewer intro and my intro and exp. 10 mins: About the current project and a few questions… Read More
This was an on-campus opportunity for batch 2023 passing graduates for SD (Software Developer role) and FE ( Frontend Engineer role). This was my experience… Read More
Razorpay came for an Internship at our college by last of August. There was 1 Coding round, 2 Technical rounds, and 1 Managerial round. Coding… Read More
College: Tier – 3/4Major: CSEExperience: -None-Coding Experience: Around 1.5 year I applied directly on their website. All you need to do is to upload your… Read More
In this article, I am sharing my complete recruitment process for “Cognizant off-campus ” which includes an online assessment and Interview Experience. I applied for… Read More
 In Accenture, there are a total of 4 rounds Round 1:Cognitive Assessment: It contains questions from quants, reasoning, and technical questions like networking,MS office and… Read More
(Only circuital branches were allowed) Round 1 (Online Assessment):  We were given 3 questions of DP and basic questions to solve within 1.5hrs. Verdict: Cleared… Read More
There are 5 rounds of Interviews. Round 1(HR interview resume shortlisting ): Tell me about yourself. What experience do you have in this field? Do… Read More
Company Name: Deloitte USI Job profile: Technology Analyst- Deloitte USI Risk & Financial Advisory (I got selected for this) Analyst – Deloitte USI Consulting Job… Read More
Hi, I was selected in Wipro in October 2021 off-campus. Currently working as a Project Engineer in Turbo Profile. Wipro has two Hiring programs named… Read More