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Role Offered: Software Engineer Round 1: This first round consists of two sections. Each of the sections has 20 questions in it. The first section has… Read More
Wipro WILP interview was easy they only ask for skills that you have mentioned in Your Resume. Interview: Duration-20-25 min. Interviewer asked me the following questions: … Read More
Technical Zoom call (1 hour): Coding question: Implement stack from another data structure in Java Which data structure you can choose and why? Implement push,… Read More
Coding Round: There were two coding questions.1. Given Array Of Strings, Find Pairs of Strings that have a difference of 1 right rotation. Example –… Read More
Hello Everyone, I am a CSE undergraduate at NIT Patna. Parth Universal visited our campus at the end of May for Summer Internship. I am… Read More
Navi Technologies visited our campus in August to hire for the role of SDE 1. There were 3 rounds in total.  Round 1 (Online Test):… Read More
DXC Technology visited our campus on 11th July 2022 for an Associate Professional role .Everything was in online mode only. They had a pre-placement talk… Read More
PwC India came to our campus for Summer Internship Recruitments in around October 2021.  More than 2000 students applied for the summer internship process. Round… Read More
Deloitte USI visited my college campus for the role of Technology Analyst. The CGPA cutoff was 6.5 and no backlogs were allowed. All engineering branches… Read More
This article is about my interview experience at a company called Unbxd. Check out the latest technologies used by Unbxd here: So Unbxd came… Read More
Round 1: OA: Time: 1.5hrs Basic DP questions were asked. Verdict: Cleared Round 2: Technical Interview: Time: 1.5 hrs Interviews (SDE-2) asked pretty basic SQL… Read More
Round 1:  Given two arrays of integers nums and index. Your task is to create a target array under the following rules: Initially, the target… Read More
Round 1: Subsequence Count: OS Scheduling algorithms MySQL query for 8th highest salary. What is caching? Have you used caching in your project? When… Read More
Coding Round:  Given a number x, and a range of y to z. Please find the count of all the numbers in the range. Such… Read More
Round 1 (1 hr):  1. Project in college Explain project Do you use the JDBC tool to connect or the JDBC connector? Why spring boot?… Read More

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