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Round 1: First Round was Aptitude Test with 2 Coding questions on the CoCubes platform. Aptitude test consisted of Logical, Verbal, and Quantitative ability (20… Read More
Eligibility: 10th,12th/diploma, Btech – above 70% No Active backlogs for current academics Detailed Recruitment Procedure: Candidates need to register on the superset platform. All the… Read More
There were 3 panels of interviewers, in my panel, there was a VICE PRESIDENT OF MASTERCARD, RAHUL NAIK sir. Questions asked were: About my java… Read More
WTW (previously known as Willis Towers Watson) came to our campus for full-time roles around mid-August. It was open only to CSE. The whole process… Read More
Avaya visited our campus for a placement offer. First Round: First Round consisted of 32 Questions. Out of the 30 were MCQs and 2 were… Read More
College: tier-2 Eligibility: cumulative CGPA of 6.0 or above till 3rd sem and currently in 5th sem. Total rounds :3 Coding round Technical round Technical… Read More
Little Background: I am a Pre-final year student from NIT and Salesforce visited my campus in pool hiring. Online Assessment (90 mins – 3 coding… Read More
Round 1 – Coding Test: Conducted on 21st July 2022 on code byte platform. In this round, two questions on strings were asked, they were… Read More
The whole process consists of two rounds: Online Coding Round: In this round, they ask 3 coding questions of varying difficulty i.e. easy, medium, and… Read More
Designation: Software Engineer Trainee Bond: 2 Years Drive Date: Aug 2022 There was a total of 5 rounds. I have hereby Mainly written about the… Read More
In Accenture, there are a total of 4 rounds, if you clear all rounds then you will be chosen for the role of either Associate… Read More
The interview consists of 4 rounds:  Technical Round 1 (45 min),  Assignment+Technical (90 min) Technical Round 2 (30 min),  and HR Round. Technical Round 1:… Read More
Round-1 (API-based question ) The first round was an API-based round which was fairly straightforward. They provided us with a post API wherein we had… Read More
The first few minutes of the interview were a general conversation, where we were getting acquainted with each other. Introduce yourself. Why do you want… Read More
ROUND 1: This round was a coding round. The coding was conducted online. The test consisted of 6 questions.  2 questions on arrays (Exor sum… Read More

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