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The French revolution that started in the late eighteenth century created a sense of collective identity and promoted nationalism for the noble purpose of creating… Read More
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Humans have been hunter-gatherers for the majority of recorded history. They had a nomadic existence, travelling from place to place in search of resources, and… Read More
The import of high-quality and inexpensive cotton fabrics from India threatened England’s textile industries, particularly wool and silk, in the early 18th century. For ages,… Read More
The population rises from the late 18th century increased the demand for food grains in Britain. With the expansion of urban centers and the growth… Read More
The French Revolution was a major event in the history of Western society and had a great impact on the world today. With the Revolution… Read More
The evolution of shelter can be traced back to the origin of human civilization. The need for shelter has always been an essential aspect of… Read More
In the mid-18th century, nation-states were not present in Europe and the whole of Europe was divided into kingdoms which were ruled by the monarchs… Read More
Chapter 2 of History- Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution deals with the emergence of socialism in Europe and how the Russian Revolution came… Read More
The October Revolution was the second and final major part of the 1917 Russian Revolution. Trotsky led this Military Revolution Committee, which was able to… Read More
This investigation of Indian materials takes us to the age when India was the main maker of materials on the planet around 1750, preceding the… Read More
The meaning of the word Kulak is wealthy peasants farmer. The word Kulaks was famous in the Russian empire in the 19th century. This was… Read More
The Russian Revolution is significant in world history because it had a significant impact not only on Russia but also on other regions. It later… Read More