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Problem: Given a sorted array arr[] of n elements, write a function to search a given element x in arr[] and return the index of… Read More
Hi, I am sharing my interview experience with “WIPRO”. Following were the questions:  Why Wipro? What will you do, if you get a chance to… Read More
Hi Engineers ,Today i gonna share my interview experience at Wipro. Am glad that I got an opportunity to share it with you all. As… Read More
The Wipro Recruitment process consists of 3 rounds: Written TestTechnical InterviewHR round Written Test : I appeared to attempt the “Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt-2022”… Read More
The Placement Process includes:Online Aptitude Test (Verbal, Analytical, Quantitative)Written Communication TestBusiness Discussion Round Aptitude Test [60 mins]: There are 60 questions in 60 min. platform… Read More
Hi, I was selected in Wipro in October 2021 off-campus. Currently working as a Project Engineer in Turbo Profile. Wipro has two Hiring programs named… Read More
I was selected in Wipro in the year 2021 through campus placement. Currently working as a Project Engineer. Wipro called their fresher’s hiring program as… Read More
Wipro WILP interview was easy they only ask for skills that you have mentioned in Your Resume. Interview: Duration-20-25 min. Interviewer asked me the following questions: … Read More
Wipro Coding Sheet is prepared to crack Wipro interviews. Wipro Limited is a leading technology, service, and consulting company that thrives on innovation. It has… Read More
Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt 2022  I applied through Superset. After applying I get Credentials  Assessment Credentials: My Exam Date & Time: Sun, Feb 20,… Read More
First time I was going for an Interview. It more or less felt like a UPSC interview to me. Jokes apart. It consists of one… Read More
Hello geeks,  I am from a non-IT background (ECE). I have applied for a “Project Engineer Role” in Wipro. One of the most reputed IT… Read More
Hello Everyone, Many of the students are preparing for an off-campus interview. I am sharing my interview experience with the recruitment of Wipro. I am… Read More
I am a B.Sc Computer Science graduate Technical Interview: Some of the questions asked were: Introduce Yourself. What are the languages you know..? Rate yourself… Read More
I applied for Wipro Elite National talent hunt examination through off-campus mode in the superset platform. Round 1: Online Written Test First-round was an Online… Read More

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