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Recently Wipro came to my campus for recruiting wipro turbo candidates. Actually wipro turbo has six sub domains like digital, data analyst, product engineering services… Read More
Wipro visited in our campus for the recruitment as a Project Engineer in PES (Product Engineering Service) domain for an internship date was 02 Mar… Read More
The process was as below- 1. First there was an online test. The test was pretty simple,it was divided into several parts. There were questions… Read More
Job Title-Project Engineer ON CAMPUS WIPRO TURBO HIRING: FIRST ROUND: It was an online round conducted on cocubes. There were 70 questions and time allotted… Read More
I had Wipro Turbo coming to my college (College of Engineering,Trivandrum). Had one online test, one tech round and a HR round. Online round was… Read More
Recently Wipro visited our campus for the recruitment(Project Engineer). I. First Round(Written): Online test on cocubes consisting of three sections-> 1. Verbal Ability 2. Logical… Read More
25 question 1hr time All Are MCQ: 1 mark each, no negative marks Domain: C language 1) int main() {     int i;     i = 0;… Read More

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