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Wipro company conducted an Elite National Talent Hunt for the 2020 Batch this year. I appeared in this process and the rounds were very well… Read More
Hey folks! I am here to share my Interview Experience of Wipro NLTH 2020 whose online assessment was conducted on 20-OCT-2019 at PSIT, Kanpur (**While… Read More
Hey, I gave my wipro National Talent Hunt -2020 in the October-2019. I was fortunate enough to clear the online assessment round and got a… Read More
Round 1: Online Test The First Round was an online test of Aptitude, Verbal, Essay Writing and Coding. Aptitude was easy.Hey geek! It's time to… Read More
Wipro came in our college on 10th September 2019. The written test was easy (be careful with essay part). After clearing written, technical and HR… Read More
As soon as one gets to know about the campus drive in their college, number of questions start striking in the head of students. How… Read More
Wipro came to our college on 10th September 2019. There was total 3 round Writetn Round: This round was based on Aptitude, Verbal, logical reasoning… Read More
Written Test: in the written test there are 2 sections- 1. Aptitude + Reasoning, in these sections the questions were moderate, They are easy to… Read More
Wipro Limited offered an internship of 8 weeks (it was from 20th May to 12th July for our batch) and it comes to our campus… Read More
Round 1:(45 mins) It was a telephonic interview. Full technical interview they wanted to check the in depth knowledge on basic networking concepts and protocols… Read More
Job Title: Project Engineer Round 1(Online Test): This round was conducted on Amcat platform, this particular platform proves to be very efficient during the hiring process… Read More
Round 1: Aptitude Round The Aptitude round consists of the following sections:-Hey geek! It's time to become a success story instead of reading them. Check… Read More
Wipro came to our campus on for the role of Project Engineer. Round 1: At first Written test was conducted on AMCAT. It consisted of… Read More
Round 1: This was an online round conducted on Mettl in campus placement. This was the kind of test which tests all the areas of your… Read More
Wipro came to our campus ( National Institute of Technology, Durgapur ) on 12/09/2018 for the role of Project Engineer with 6.5LPA CTC. Round 1… Read More

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